New wall post format

Discussion in 'Other KaW Discussion' started by Silph, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. YES!!! Dislike new UI. Support!!
  2. We need them mute buttons as well too
  4. Wait there is a new wall post format?
  5. Absolutely agree is hideous !
  6. Support it’s garbage
  7. Guess I'm the only one who thinks it looks better.
  8. Support; I’d like to see a compromise between the new and old
  9. Support looks terrible. I have droid looks pretty normal on droid.
  10. Agreed

    -grizzy- for VK
  11. Looking at those screenshots, yeah that's pretty bad. I hope this isn't forced onto the Android player base.
  12. Aesthetics should not be devs priority. No support.. It does look different but I Would rather see devs acknowledge and put resources into other areas of the game (unless/until their is an actual bug causing problems with the new wall)
  13. New version sucks
  14. I believe if I had other iphone and seen this I would have smash the phone in2 pieces just like my old 1 b4 going 2 android... now if they force this bs on2 android then Ill either delete kaw or smash this phone as well :lol: probably just delete kaw as I love this phone
  15. Ugly as fudge please bring it back