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    Version 1.4 of the downloadable Epic Battles Guide is now out!

    What's New?

    Table of Contents
    The Table of Contents have gotton a brand new design.

    New epic battles added
    The epic battles Zelgarad the Accursed and The Netherking has been added to the guide (sorry for it taking so long).

    Bug fixes
    Some small bug fixes and a few corrections here and there.

    I hope you like the new version of the Epic Battles Guide. If you have any questions, feel free to ask here on forums or on my wall! :)
  2. It says my phone can't support this.
  3. Kyle what the hell dude
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  4. I can’t can’t get the iOS copy link if anyone can send it to me that would be appreciated
  5. It says safari can’t open the link because the link is invalid..
  6. Wow, congrats on a job well done.
  7. Not able to download :/
  8. Thank you for making this, makes it easier and faster to see eb requirements. I can simply pull it up on my laptop via google but sometimes ebs are over just as quick so this reduces the time.  Very appreciated.
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  10. Ty choccy 
  11. It needs to be updated Noth is not on it yet