New Valiant Knights!

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  1. This man salty as heck :lol:
  2. How ? I asked a question and got rude attitude back. So yeah I’m a little mad that me or others get treated like this by a VK. You the ppl that aren’t really allowed to act rude toward players. I already had Stacy up my butt interjecting where she don’t saber. This is complete bs.
  3. The funny thing is they are still players. That’s something everyone forgets. They aren’t paid. They get a different color and do help all in different ways. It’s hard to read emotions and tones over text. Maybe don’t take it as personally next time? You do that stuff x5 and troll, what’s the difference? The color of their name? Seems kind of stupid to hold them to such a high standard they can’t even be normal internet people.
  4. Lol, he answered your question quite simply, are you upset because he didnt have a dialogue with you about it? I mean you simply asked how many speakers vk gets he said plenty and if needed can ask for more!

    As far as me interjecting, you are talking in a open forum and/or wc, if you dont wont others opinions or thoughts then thats what private messages are for!
  5. Domo, the VK badge is as useful on this dead game as a water scooper in a storm. You got unknowns like Stacy who hasn't posted for a year before this announcement.

    For real, Stacy's last post before the ones on this thread were a year + ago. :lol:
    That should tell you the standard of the badge.
    The game barely has a year left. So VK or not, makes no difference.
  6. I actually missed where the standard of receiving VK was based on forum posting, as I'll be first to admit I'm not a avid forum poster!?

    Have a lovely day Venom! :)
  7. He’s just mad because he spent a lot of money and now thinks the games dying lol
  8. Ayy Nate. I spend a lot on this 1b CS account. Don't be jealous you can't buy anything on kaw and have to beg on line for charms.

    Rest assured, I've made 5x from KaW on what I spent here. No need to be salty that you can't buy charms and your fail clan has to resort to begging on line or tryna scam.
    Everyone knows iG are KaW's charm scammers lol. I wonder why you keep being kicked outta every trading group. Go back to pretending to be Emeth. :lol:

    Inb4 Nate starts begging for charms again.
  9. To all those looking an answer for what a VK is ...

    The ones who are told to end every dialogue with
    “ have a wonderful day/weekday/weekend”

  10. I'm still waiting for my vk :-/
  11. Me for VK
  12. 🧿I want to become a valiant knight 🧿