New Valiant Knights!

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  1. Hahaha!! Fair enough. Hope he answers you soon! Just figured would help you see that its kinda a invalid question as the color my alt uses is a different color! But another thing is my alt isnt impersonating me as it is me as well!

    But hope while awaiting your answer, you have had a wonderful weekend! :)
  2. Great banner Domo .... nicely done Mods
  3. Yeah ? Look at banner now
  4. Looks even better ... name and tears on another banner , got under your skin and making you softer than you already are
  5. You the one keep bringing up my banner. I’ve been out of silence for awhile. Stalk my banner much ? Figure you’d get all hit and sweaty if you saw your name on my banner.

    #Iwasright 
  6. Give it another week , the mods will continue to do their jobs properly and you will be silenced again
  7. So you agree with me about the abuse of power.....thanks. You not that bad, no matter what Todd says about you.

  8. I've known Andro for yrs and he has helped loads of peep. Hes a great pvp guy, his watchers troll clans and create mock clans to annoy and create fights, which is what KaW should be, or was. You'll never get a NK tho because you stay out of forums, which isn't a bad thing
  9. I nominate me
  10. Omet would make a perfect VK I nominate him
  11. Im all about forgiveness. Totes agree with this statement.
  12. ahahahah
  13. I'm just a drunk grunt soldier bro, feel the love tho
  14. I make the game fun, i have stripped at least Half of KOTFE and Apocalypse and keep the game fun for both sides. I make people active by the hundreds each day.

    Just Sayn,

    -Balgore 
  15. I agree

  16. Can anyone remember when vk actually meant something.....nah me neither
  17. Agree. Because the last list those ppl have been non existent. One uses an alt more than anything. So to me it really doesn’t mean anything.
  18. Bumped so saber can read the the guidelines of what is expected of a VK.
  19. Saber be like tldr so I'll just yolo it
  20. All of those players have exhibited exemplary behaviour and an amazing track record of assisting other players and helping out the community.

    Was that before the VK badge ??