New Valiant Knights!

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  1. What blue ? She not posting with main.

    Plus you maybe in AoD like 5 min ? Why don’t ask around about who I am. I can go to wc and say holla and you will see what happens. I’m infamous.
  2. Ty Ella! :)*
  3. She hasn't posted on this tread with main ?
    I am very happy for you Domo
    Was it a dream of yours to be infamous on a 9+ fantasy game ?
    Must look great on a resume
  4. Testing

    Am I VK Yet
  5. I just logged more time in wc than any of these new VK ppl. Boom ya
  6. Ella you troll just as much as I do, but I get more action.....jelly much ?
  7. No Jelly here Domo
    I could give a rats bum what people think of me on a 9+ kids app
  8. Kids app that you play... just saying.

  9. Oh snap! out el looks like bella might be tryna upgrade her sidekick
  10. Kids app that you play... just saying.[/quote

    Got me there Bella
  11. She dont need nor does she have a sidekick Todd
  12. Jimminy Chickets BELLA!

    It looks like Ella is roasting you.

  13. If anyone noticed Bella hasn’t backed anything Ella has been saying.

    Bella vanquished Ella ? If so who is Ella sidekick for ?
  14. If Ellasburg is up for grabs.i would very proudly take him up to be my sidekick !!

  15. lol yes but if you notice even though she dissing him he still tryna kiss that booty \/


  16. lol hey I need a good boot lackey too know how filthy these Michigan streets get 
  17. ...hey el come lick my boots clean like you do Bella’s bum lol
  18. Why would Bella have to or need to back up anything i say .... i don't know her or communicate with her
    Not everyone has to have an ass kissing partner like you pair of wombles
  19. Defensive much ? Looks like we need to call the waaaaaaaambulance.