New Valiant Knights!

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  1. It won’t matter....they only pick unknowns
  2. Thanks. I appreciate that you support me unlike all the others supporting fake demon.
  3. I nominate TUR_Alan_TLE For VK
  4. RussianPrincess14 for valiant knight
  5. I vote me

    For being me

  6. I nominate Swabia
  7.'s your turn now.
  8. I vote tltltlandromaliutltltl

    He has been helping new players get into kaw for years by jumpstarting gold and helping then with their starter build and even giving furniture. He has helped keep many players interested in this game! Much deserved.
  9. I would like to be a VK. :)
  10. lol
  11. I nominate tltltlAndromaliuStltltl.He has to be the most deserving for this award.He has helped,and still is helping me and many others to learn how to play and enjoy the game.He explains every aspect of the game in detail.Nothing is too much trouble for him. He has done himself and the kaw mmunity proud.Nobody deserves this award more then him.
  12. Again......a nobody. Listen the VK has to help all of Kaw not just a few in a clan. Gotta be in the forums and wc “helping”. Otherwise I nominate ME....Domo. I help everyone notice and see the corruption of the green army. I have sacrificed my voice at times by getting silenced.

    Thank you
  13. Love your banner Domo
    I nominate Domo , because if he don't get VK he will just flood forums with tears and never ending whinging
  14. I nominate my friend, Jerald. He doesn't play this game but he totes deserves vk

  15. Ya know lady K that was actually a funny post ...I too nominate Jerald (& ur mom)

  16. I nominate Ella Every group needs a piece of crap person that won't help a soul.

  17. Thank you 7
    I am overwhelmed by your nomination ... might have to celebrate by jumping your mom
    If she cries as loud as you , I might just nominate her as well
  18. Domo, just because you dont know someone dont exactly mean they are a nobody! Quite honestly out of the 6 years I've played kaw, even being ally clan members with Aod, your home clan! I did not know who you are until recently. So maybe its your standard to who is considered a nobody, Diane or anyone else has just as much right to nominate somebody as anyone else and should be able to without grief about it from someone else!

    If you have a nomination then just put it up here, you don't have to bash someone else for theirs!
  19. Blue looks good on you Stacy