New Valiant Knights!

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  1. U more than deserve it rob u really do
  2. VK was something with potential but it was abandoned and with KAW being as old as it is it doesn't really make sense for them to put time and effort into improving the VK system. If VK was across all their games it would probably incentivise more people to be positive role models for it however this has other potential issues if a thorough selection process and maintenance isn't done.

    Also a way to differentiate ex mods vs positive members of the community would be nice although they really are running out of colours to use.

    As I'm no longer an active player I just check in to see how things are going and to have fun with WC occasionally so I have nothing to gain or lose from this but I do wish more was done but I feel like too long has passed without anything meaningful being done with this.
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  3. Such a pessimist Kezzer ;)

    VKs are an excellent system but it has to be loved. It has to be fostered. And most of all it must not be abandoned.

    it’s never too late to make the system work but it needed radical reforms back when we were mods and sadly it couldn’t happen
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  4. Haha I like to think of myself as a realist ;)

    Absolutely it is an excellent system IF it is given love like you say. Issue is it has been neglected for so long it does raise doubts on if or when it will get some TLC.

    It was never a priority when we were mods and while I imagine there are still people fighting for it behind the scenes, it's hard to imagine the fight is what it once was as years of neglect will wear you down.

    I would honestly love to see it return but as I said I have my doubts
  5. It’s pretty funny to scroll here. 😂
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  6. Congratulations to all the VK. It takes lots of patience to explain things to the newer players. Thanks again for what you did to become VK.
  7. I would like to nominate __QueenPretty__BlueEyes__ to be the next new 2021 Valiant Knight because she is a relentless very active kaw player a devoted & loyal Clan Leader. She is a big supporter of the kaw Community in all aspects. always helping & encouraging new players & all other kaw players on a whole to do ebs complete side legend events give good tips to grow their kingdoms. She provides a caring & fun environment in her clan for all to enjoy nonstop ebbing. She also involves herself in other kaw discussions in forums,World Chats, Clan Chats, Clan Announcements always giving useful & beneficial ideas, answering questions giving useful tips to all who ask her. She is a quiet & respectful person who never act rude never made any indecent languages or inappropriate statements. that is why i nominate her to be the next new VK 2021.
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  8. I would like to nominate __QueenPretty__BlueEyes__ to be the next new Valiant Knight (2021) because of her fine works & her contributions to kaw & community. She helps me alot to grow:)
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  9. Well dang why am I not one, I've helped alot of ppl grow😕
  10. Glody, nominating your main like that doesn't/won't work.
  11. a very interesting update in the story
  12. Congrats New VK’s!💙
  13. And VK is to be known by all of kaw not just a clan. This has happened in the past. Players awarded VK to only further their clan whilst nobody in community ever heard of them.
  14. Nvmd ,I answered my own question,
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