New Valiant Knights!

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  1. Valiant Knights are players who make the Kingdoms at War community awesome. What exactly does this mean? That varies depending on the person, but what we look for is someone who helps grow, nurture, assist, or otherwise gives back to the community.

    Valiant Knights receive the Valiant Knight achievement in game, as well as a special blue forum and world chat color to reflect their status.

    Please welcome the newest additions to the roster of Valiant Knights!




    All of those players have exhibited exemplary behaviour and an amazing track record of assisting other players and helping out the community.

    We, as well as our mods, would love to resurrect the Valiant Knight tradition, so we would be happy to add more people to the roster in upcoming months. If you believe that you know someone who deservers the title of a Valiant Knight, feel free to let us know! Just let us know the name of the player and why you think they deserve it and we'll be happy to consider their candidacy!
  2. Wow, ty so much kaw and community! Hope I can serve the community well, its a honor to be chosen!
  3. Honestly super happy to see this returning. LONG overdue. Not sure who any of these people are besides Saber, but either way very cool to see it coming back!
  4. Congratulations new guys! Enjoy that sexy sexy blue colour!

    If you want to nominate somebody for VK then please post here. We will all be looking for more players to join the VK team so if you know somebody worthy of recognition then let us know!
  5. So happy for all of you!!!! I really hope this will help make KAW more moderated in hope of a large new player base that will never come because of these moves/more restrictive for players who already play the game/help further bad ideas that are already prevalent. We needed a further push toward a move that makes sure the game is going in the direction of nothing offensive happening ever and more incinitive to make the game as bland as possible. Thanks devs!!!!! 
  6. Snoopy aka Nate kind of deserved it too. Just saying.
  7. I nominate leo-shocker
  8. This is great! Revamp war now please
  9. Congrats!!!!!
  10. Congratulations!
  11. Hey! What about me? 
  12. Agree. And congrats Stacy and Saber too!
  13. Congrats Biyamiti and Saber as well!!  Sorry didn't say it before! Was still a bit busy in RL!
  14. Congratulations to you all! Well deserved.
  15. Saber says he doesn't want his and to give it too todd
  16. -BabyBlueEyes- she deserves it
  17. You misspelt Saber*

    Thank you everyone!
  18. Never heard of any of them. Aren’t you supposed to give this to ppl that kaw players know and not just be nominated by their clan ?
  19. Well, Kudos. I do not remember ever seeing a thread, positive or negative, from any of those guys.