New User Starter Package

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  1. How about this for a idea give us back 25% off what we spend with you every 3 months so if I spend £100 on seals in 3 months then you give me £25 back to spend on seals at the end of the 3month period. Well I think its a good idea.
  2. By the way this package isn't worth $50 lol
  3. Support
  4. Xtals are like 8$ but i think theyre getting most of the 50$ from the land buying with nobs
  5. 1 seal will yield enough to buy the whooping 11b of lands... So more like a $14 dollar value.
  6. Input*
    Serge you are quite the little **** head aren't you :) .
  7. Is that pack free or what?
  8. Cause i have a lot of friends I am gonna get in this
  9. 1 seal is 6 dollars. So even less than a $14 dollar value :lol:
  10. Was including the xtal cost as well

  11. Typo...u shud see the cast i have on my hand... also... yes i am, i should forum more often, i am thoroughly enjoying myself
  12. Kaw_Community is this package free? Or does it have a price?
  13. Yeah... they gotta fluff it up though make it seem like more, i sealed for a bud the other day after 160bil startoff volley n dropped a seal for him... he cleared ll & quit within a week
  14. Yeah, gotta be a new account
  15. :lol: . I understand your frustration and would agree if I ever kept an account past the 20th highland but... It's a necessary thing.

    The new lands coming out, it's impossible to get a 1B ally and just a lot of other things. This is the minimal they should be doing if you want KaW to succeed.
  16. Developers this is great. This confirms that Kingdoms at War will be able to keep on for more than 1 year. Support.
  17. It's free to all accounts created during this time.
  18. This is b.s. I'm 2 weeks old and already unlocked them the hard way.
  19. Two questions answered:

    1) This starter package is automatically given to new accounts right after they complete the tutorial.
    2) The $50 value takes into account the value associated with Plunder Spells, gold used to unlock lands, and Health Crystals. Keep in mind that Crux Chests which provide 100% Bonus Plunder for 2 Hours were sold for 39 Nobility Points each during Black Friday.
  20. 4 yr badge holder . What do I get ? maybe 4 lands for my time spent playing ? ,what about every year on anniversary of account creation a big chunk of gold ? . No how about thanks for your cash now we will ignore you . I dont suppose you also own a bank do you ATA ? best rates for new customer ;).