New User Starter Package

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  1. That's different. They worked hard in GaW to see it shut down. They deserved a little compensation from devs.

  2. Great Idea!!!!
  3. SERIOUSLY? I (this is an alt) have been for about a year and the beginning is the BEST, why just give it away Devs? Afraid of losing players? Afraid of losing money? Afraid of old players relizing your super money hungry? Even though you have over 1 million$?

  4. ^that's true, this is given in hopes for players to come... but they will leave shortly after they burn those xtals
  5. Each*
  6. A better idea would be for devs to unlock all HF instead of LL :lol:

    And because there's bound to be that one idiot..../sarcasm
  7. If you think about it, it's actually not much so I don't see why everyone is complaining. In order to unlock the lowlands it's like 11bil-15bil so it's no big deal really. They still have to buy the buildings and stuff that's where the real cash goes lol.
  8. The devs are listening!
  9. 11b, and let's then actually play the game.

    This is good if it brings in more players.
  10. All I see is VAL making a huge army in 1 day. haha. Wait thats me
  11. Would really like to know
  12. That package is worth about 11 bill- the xtals if you're that hungry for the package reset you're only 1 mill cs easy to catch up if you have knowledge of the game
  13. About time  Measures must be taken to get new members that stick around, or this is a sinking ship. I hope to see some ads on tv soon 
  14. Since you're just giving handouts, why don't you give them enough to be hlbc? At least then they might stick around. Nevermind the rest of us who had to work to get where we are. That challenge was a big part of the game. Nice to see it's practically nonexistent. Way to go devs.
  15. Well devs you done it again screwing your loyal players every opportunity you can. When are you giving $50 worth of freebies to all those players who have been with you for 1,2,3,or 4,years paying there hard earned wages to keep up with all your silly promotions I think your going to upset a lot of your most loyal and long serving players. Time to reward your loyal players with $50 worth of freebies how about give us 10 health xstals and 10 seals for hte. We all know you won't give your loyal spending customer's nothing. As usual.
  16. Frankly, I see no issue with this limited time event. Why start hostilities for the cheapest lands in the game guys? All in all, I'm all for this event - however I still feel the main issue being towards new player progression in the aspect of max plunder.

    Buying lands and buildings is one thing, another is to be self independent. Ever heard the saying "give a man a fish, you feed them for a day, teach a man how to fish, you feed him for a lifetime - etc"
  17. I've heard that saying and this starter package is giving them a fish and feeding them for a day, NOT teaching them how to fish IMO.
  18. you should add a max plunder spell.
  19. support
  20. Thanks for your imput... if we wanted it we would have asked a mod who we like i.e- hero, moose, jedi, karma, mango