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  1. Forget new or vet, this is principle, just like the highland update, i for one am getting tired of being overlooked, and for the record, ppl are not coming here from clash of clans, its the other way round, myself included, i have spent coin on here with my multiple accounts, starting to think you can keep it I'll spend else where, check ur records on how many lb left after last facade, soon you will need mods to train newbies, because all the loyal long termers will have gone to another free game with in game purchases. 1 more point, how many vets have gone out of their way to help new players, vollied and mentored, i get the point of new blood sure, but lets not forget the ppl who made kaw as great as it was. What do they.put up or shut up , ty ata
  2. I think devs should just reset everyone (for just the promo ofc) and see how far we can get by not spending money, then say after a month everyones stats are returned to what they wee previously.. maybe some people will be able to keep up with rent
  3. And me!
  4. What are you complaining about? I think it's a good idea to bring in and retain new players. I don't think it'll stop new players being vollied to ridiculous prices though, if anything it'll push them up higher! I also believe older players should maybe receive some kind of retention bonus, like 1 SoD for each year or 1 Wk 50% bonus for 1 year, 100% for 2 years etc etc. the older players should be retained as well as the new players
  5. Support! 100% Agree
  6. I myself have tried getting friends to join here and theyve tried for a few weeks and i showed them how to grow & they went back to coc... i myself have 7day shield there so i can focus on an alts osw but ill be bacl to spending most of my time there after the osw
  7. Just as a suggestion for devs, why not make it so new players have a 7 days time frame to buy the item. As instead of it disappearing completely after 20/1/2015 it's always there but only buyable during the first week of playing kaw.

  8. Good idea, get em spending money quick so they get used to it
  9. I think there should be a stepped package for those who started recently. Why should they miss out bc they started a week, 2 weeks or a month ago. It's a lot of xtals. Devs think of a solution. But add that equipment.
  10. I smell some new troll alts appearing soon 
  11. Opening 25 lands takes roughly one week. Kaw player base is dying and you're complaining about a weeks worth of freebies to new accounts? Sad self entitled peeps here. ..
  12. This is so wrong what all the ppl who worked hard and spent time building and you give new ppl this starter pack no devs u are making me think for the first time to quit this game and this move just shows where Ya loyalties are 
  13. No support devs just greedy I think 4 years in this game is all most to end for me 
  14. Its roughly the same package they gave to the GAW croud , no?
  15. Nice to see the devs try something out for the new players.

    (1) I forsee many more alt accounts being created.

    (2) What's with the $50 value? Only items I see that cost money are the ten health crystals.

    (3) I'm afraid just handing over 25 lowlands detracts from the personal satisfaction players get from unlocking all the lowlands / gaining access to the highlands. I know I enjoyed this feeling. I'd be concerned this lack of initial 'sweat equity' results in players not sticking it out to unlock all the highlands, etc.

    Good attempt though... keep trying things out.
  16. And fc... but no, they got like 25bil or something
  17. This is because of the new. Lands that are coming out.
  18. I think it's a good move for acquiring new players. People will always come and go so stop the bull about lb leaving kaw and such. With all the big ebs out growing is not that hard. Of course it's not the same as sitting in a Hte clan, but still gets you there quite fast.
    I haven't spent a penny for around a year and can't really complain.
    People suggested that devs do something about making it easier for new people to start kaw, now they're hating on it. What gives??? Why the sudden change of heart?
  19. I think its if they were to buy the gold woth nobs... when i was first llc (hl were out the week before) i practically jumped for joy cus all my hard work