New User Starter Package

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  1. Welcome to KaW, Ben! A volley is when players hire you multiple times in succession to give you some start up $$$. Spend it wisely!

    This limited offer is similar to the transfer package from FC and GaW. It gives new players the much needed boost that we have seen countless forum threads on.

    Today's new people won't be able to get an icetail, or a shiv, or a nomad crossbow. Those were also limited offers which they cannot catch up on. Please do not freak out that they are receiving something which you did not, as that goes both ways.

    Just enjoy the game!
  2. Nice job with sifting your focus to attracting more players devs. I believe about everyone here wishes you success.
  3. Full support to this, might finally be able to move my RL friends off of CoC to KaW now that they won't have a huge gap to try and cover 
  5. Yaaassss. Anyway you can het on kaw.
  6. YES^

  7. I have not got my user pack?????
  8. I want 10 free xstals n a week of 3x plunder
  9. Its the least they could do...make haunt into a free hte
  10. Lmao, do u even know the devs
  11. Great idea to give new members an incentive. If not they don't stand a chance. But you should add equipment to that. Trying to find a lot of the older EBs is impossible. I'm sure it puts a lot off before they get into the game.
  12. Were changing them for the better... it will make old players happy and maybe we will hit "share"
  13. I started last week and want a starter pack before I buy any pro packs
  14. Devs like money, the end
  15. Only thing i see that could have been different is a plunder spell so new accts wouldnot have to stress over allies other than that great package
  16. Its a scam!!!!!!!!!
  17. Does it apply to resets?
  18. Also.... they make massive bank off hte clans, theres a ton of them and some people seal every 30-50mins... and even clans who arent b2b hte clans drop a large amount of seals... especially osw clans in between osws... every "promo" they have people sspend a ton of money to be top 500 let qlone top 100 or 10, and the promos help the devs more than us.

  19. Like to know this too