New User Starter Package

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  1. :roll: There's nothing you guys can do about it. It's the progression of every tap tap game. If you want a new server every month go play haypi kingdom.

    Jester and all the others shut up and stop complaining. There is no way to shorten the gap now. Nobody asks you to spend, nobody makes you. I spend because I enjoy playing. Pretty sure last promo I got 3 free lands from Devs, a couple gold boosting chests, and some free Xtals and aqua and inferno etc.

    Everytime the Devs do something you **** heads complain. Oh Devs please help find a way to shorten the gap. They go ok and gave that starter package for a bit. Then you little **** heads cry and go nooooooo we had to work for those blah blah blah, wah wah wah. Make up your ******* minds already. You whiners are getting pretty god damn annoying.
  2. Bring back the starter package
  3. I'm curious. How successful was this promo? Did we we get a lot of new players? Did they stay? Did they go inactive as the same rate as if there was no promo?
  4. My guess most vets just used to create alts/bombs/transfer gold etc as new players wouldn't be able to maximise the benefits of the gift. As I stated put people in clans at start up as this is the most captivating part of the game and all the devs surveys confirm this.
  5. Yessssssss I was waiting for this
  6. This expired in january