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  1. So If I would have started playing like 4 months later I wouldn't have had to even worrying about getting all my ll unlocked? Thats complete bs. The rest is fine and dandy
  2. Lol the devs are still a ******* joke. Don't let the new users experience the game. You gotta give it to them...

    Absolutely disgusting.
  3. I dont care that thet gave them the 25 lands. It only takes a week to get them opened.

    The problem is new players dont want to do anything but rotwb or try to weasel into an hte. The devs have created a welfare-state of KaW. Clan owners need to make new players earn their gold, not have it handed to them with freebies.
  4. I disagree with you here. Actual new players have no clue what rotwb and hte ebs are. What you are stumbling upon is alts of older players that are trying to take advantage of the current settup.
  5. This would've been nice back in the day.
  6. Looks like this guy is getting tricked :lol:
  7. I just made this account and didn't get the stuff
  8. If you had all lowlands automatically unlocked then you should. Log out and back in. A lot. Seriously. If on phone force quit app or restart phone
  9. I made more in the last week than in my first whole YEAR playing.
  10. +1
  11. Ono support, either you build your first 24 lands like a rec smashing beast or you suck
  12. so the last two events that handed everyone a free gift every 24 hours was not a token of appreciation?

    and what was the highest combined stats a player could have when you started playing?

    was it 30+ mill?

    did guild hansels not pay great gold?

    was there not the most insane bonus stacked on top of bonus, on top of bonus ect.. give a ways recently?

    were there an abundance of allies under 500bill in the market?

    were there accounts my size making 70 mill a hit on free to play ebs?

    build tokens?

    just curious cause 10 crystal and a 7 day plunder bonus is totally better than any of that.[ that's fine and dandy for you old dinosaurs but what about us who only been here for about 3 weeks?]
  13. No, the max cs stats was about 5m. If that, I've been here for a while and would rather see the game go back to when it first started than where it is now. We had no epocs. No stupid plunder bonus. It was just you and farming to make gold.
  14. How about giving new players an ally that can't be bought? Or not requiring one until HL? What good is double gold is it's double of nothing.which is what new players make without an's impossible to buy an ally under 1b ..give everyone a 3b ally that can't be bought
  15. I dont think we have epocs now either
  16. I'm pretty sure 5m was around the time of plunder wars and OSFs/OAFs. But the idea is essentially correct. There's a giant disparity between veteran/paying players versus new/free players that needs to be addressed immediately for the sake of this game's reputation and lifespan.
  17. Man devs want to grow the user population because they r money hungry and greedily trying to turn this great game into a joke which they've already done kaw was awesome then the devs ruined it for money the devs don't even deserve 10 new players a week it's cool that we might get new players but we want them so the game will be more fun the devs want it for dollar bills that's it nice job devs ;) this game really turned out 
  18. All I see is tears.

    Tears when give aways benefit veterans

    Tears when they don't

    Tears when give aways benefit new players

    Tears when they don't

    Tears when give aways are too little

    Tears when give aways are too much

    What a selfish, self-centered bunch you are, crying rivers over what is essentially a free, non-ad supported game.
  19. *pause*

    Immediately huh?

    Well Im still here

    You're still here

    Nope, things will carry on just fine.