New User Starter Package

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  1. U should give us that too Thatve been been playing ur game for yrs i mean cmon devs
  3. This offer is for a limited time..
  4. Also, please make a new tutorial!
  5. 25 lands cost like 30b you bunch of goons. It's not like their getting HFBC for free, shut da **** up.
  6. I smell a desperate attempt to expand the ever shrinking new user population
  7. Touch of irony this "free" package is being made available just as a price increase by Apple kicks in don't you think?
  8. But since kaw desperately needs new users. I'll be okay with it
  9. Can I have my building tokens back please?
  10. Great time to make another alt
  12. To those curious, one of our big focuses for this year is continuing to grow the Kingdoms at War community. We've been listening to some of your suggestions and have come up with a few of our own as well.

    We've never done a starter package like this, but it's something we've wanted to try for a while. I'm sure you all would like to see the game grow just as much as we do.

  13. This is an account i started in august n i did b2b rotwb for 2d (payed for it myself n was exclusive to me;) ) and i got the hl unlocked but onmy oldest account (made oct 09) i cant even tell you how l9ng it took to llc

    P.s :lol: i like this guy
  14. Do new players want to spend that much money? Devs aren't thinking long term with this one, just going for the quick buck, don't you think? You want new players to get hooked for free so they spend money later when they're addicted, surely? Pretty simple.

    Remind me of hustlers looking for $20 instead of going for dem ks :lol:

  15. We do but not for the same reasons
  16. I think its an awesome idea... Having first 25 lands unlocked will make the volley to "help" new players obsolete. And if new players won't be vollied anymore to insane amount more allies will be available on the lowest brackets of allies market.
  17. Welcome packs free spirit wtf u talking abt lol

  18. You got to joking hahaha