New User Starter Package

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  1. I just started 2 weeks ago... This is bs
  2. good idea devs it will help the new peeps get started.
  3. I am new .... ass
  4. how many shares does it currently have?
  5. Over a thousand!!!
  6. Give us 1 free Crystal a week for every year. So 5 year with kaw 5 free Crystal a week cap at 5. Like speakers.
  7. No. Buy your effing xtals. :roll:
  8. Maybe a promo event designed specifically for new / newish / smaller accounts? Rewards don't have to be much, a few nobs, a few horns, some gold and some low level equipment.

    Never happen though as devs are too money greedy and won't make much money!
  9. Thanks a lot devs I get a new device and make an account and two weeks later you come out with a new player package. Go figure.  fml
  10. Id settle with a can(edit: bottle) opener keychain personally delivered by man in an ape costume.
  11. This bonus for new players makes you look just as bad as the big five communication companies that offer better rates to new customers in Canada. Forget those who have been loyal customers for years! Can Apes swim? Cause you're all sinking Devs.
  12. I missed out on this package by three days ( about the same time for lowlands bc) I'm still volleying up tiny players to make an extra couple of mill lol.i have now been in three individual wars and made some good friends along the way .I don't feel bitter to the peeps who received this package ,it doesn't change the fact that you still have to play the game to move forward .To all the players acting like they r hard done by ,do they forget that they get free xtals chests and Evan equipment and banner drops all for free .Every promo from the devs goes to try and help us the players .Do u guys ever say hay thank you for the stuff I have gotten for free ,no they just whinge and complain how hard done by that they are .I think u guys have forgotten just how hard it can be to be a bottom feeder.No access to HTE or any other eb that drops decent equipment no say about what eb .We do not have a voice in the game .
  13. I was wrongly silenced
  14. Lance I hope you get silenced perm damn

  15. Then by that im owed at least 3 shirts lmao. But seriously. Forums demands a veteran Player VS Player update. Then I shall start spending again.
  16. i'm a large. but if the tshirts are cotton, i'll want an xtra large.
  17. When do we get The spyglass? And every player gets it?
  18. Surely a 6 bil ally would have been better than 2 crystals so the noobs would be max plunder for lowlands. New players are having a hard time finding allies in their limited price range.
  19. Great help with starter pack. But Can u do a max plunder spell for a week or something to help me hit max plunder, cause allies are near on impossible to find in my price range