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  1. Cool not a bad idea giving some incentive to new players, even if only for 12 days.
    IMO their should be something in place more permanently to attract and keep new players.

    This tiny little boost will help em avoid a monotonous initial grind w no real benefit in today's kaw. Thus giving them the ability to get in on other aspects of the game sooner.

    Let's be honest the first 8 tiers of equipment are basically obsolete. Even if a player acquired this equipment it'd be for the hell of it, and prob only used for a month or less if actively item hunting.

    At least w a bit of a boost at the beginning newer players can potentially avoid newb clans being run by tiny inexperienced players destined to fail. Prob work their way into a b2b haunt clan pretty quick, prob be able to find some more helpful players before giving up due to constant failure.

    Not to mention 20 bil in today's ekawnomy is literally nothing. Especially given the substantial cost that lies ahead. Even if all EB's were gone and haunt was the lowest tier reaching HFBC would be a task for the casual/ semi serious player. Now w new lands coming that number's going to grow substantially.

    Sure an exp player can llbc in no time but an inexperienced player doesn't have that luxery. They end up in clans running tiny eb's that fail half the time run by inexperienced players. Building their buildings as they open up since they don't understand how the plateau works and takin forever to accomplish nothing.

    As far as I'm concerned today's KAW doesn't even start til haunt. So if you gotta give em a boost to join the community then give er. Otherwise they're likely to quit before they even get in a position to actually even start playin.

    As far as the ppl complain about trying to expand player base w incentives for new players, get over it seriously. What you got was the enjoyment of playin the game you enjoy playin. Ya you didn't get what that guy got but who cares what that guy got there's no entitlement here.
    If Ya think there is try callin Sony tellin em you bought their games n have been playin em for awhile n they owe you.

    Y'all may not agree w everything tht gets done but at least something gettin done. Trying somethin different may not work but it's always better than not doin anythin at all.

    That's my
    Rant for the day ๎’
    TLDR -I don't care
    Disagree -I don't care
    Everybody's got opinions and that's mine๎€‘๏ธ
  2. All of you guys/gals that are crying about the new player freebies need to realy look at what they are getting. Its nothing really special. Heres an idea for you. I know many of you have an alt that you never or rairly use. RESET THAT ACCT. Then actually try and see how fast you can open the first 25 lowlands. Not llbc just llc you may find that it only takes a few hours. Yes its giving tjem a jump start but the buildings are not free. So quit belly aching and whining and get out there and show the newbs how its done.
  3. :lol: :lol: :lol: I'm resetting every day. Meaning I build up 25 lands within 24 hours. Why does anyone need free 25 lands? :twisted: Almost 1 year of resetting, 211 done so far. If I was able to do more resets a day I would be much higher on the LB of completions. Change that Devs!
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  4. Maybe people play more if u do like u say. Hint: roadmap over a year ago
  5. Yea, I agree u should reward older 2+yrs active, they are the reason this app makes u guys so much $$$$$$$
  6. Clan owners and admins do all the work for you, and reap none of the rewards....
  7. How can I grow? All allies I buy get bought to quick and I can't afford.
  8. U make gold on each buy
  9. Keep hiring allies that you can. And if your clan does the Epic battle The Reckoning make sure you hit the item phase hard. 2 ebs and you should have enough to hold a 1b ally.
  10. What anonymous was saying is he can't afford to hold allies to gain max plunder - yes he makes gold each hire for those that have experience it's easy but for those that are new it's hard starting out. To veterans starting a new account is easier than it's ever being bc is possible in 6 months with a great clan and people that is extremely fast though. But I digress - in reality one of the problems of a new player is max plunder, so as per my previous posts I suggest that the new spell gives to bonuses for a fixed period of time - max plunder with or without allies and a plunder bonus. This would greatly assist new players while they learn.
  11. Build guilds and steal from those that have only a few on the battle list.
  12. Just volley. Dont buy building.

    once you save 1.5 bill hire an ally with that gold.

    Start hitting eb.

    if your clan mates were smart they could actually cash in big off of you by helping you and clearing allies off you.

    i made 300bill and help 4 accounts get in the 10bill range their first day. the first buildings they are buying are the 3bil and up.

    my alt is basically llbc without hitting ebs.

    just volley. dont build yet.
  13. Where's mine?
  14. Yay we reached 1k! ;)
  15. Bump. Like people!
  16. If you been playing over 3 years as a loyal player there should be a new veteran banner for those players that can only get if been playing that long
  17. Support on the veterans bonus. 4 years ago it was inactives. Not even pwars out yet. What about the thousands ive spent in last 4 years? No thanks or anything? At least a Tshirt would be nice lol. Something.
  18. Although I have spent perhaps $10 on kaw my entire stay, I support the idea that those who spend / have spent $1000 or more should qualify for a free T-shirt.

    Heck, it might even gain you more players, having an avid KAWer walking around with a KAW t-shirt.

    Might be money well spent...advertising in the real world.

  19. Give us T-Shirts!!! Yes!
  20. T-shirt worth $1000 ๎’