New User Starter Package

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  1. How many shares we at?
  2. They should do that for all player wtf
  3. unfair to players who started playing before devs released this starter package -_-
  4. On reflection as trying to grow an account in kaw, I would make the following points - unlocking lands on ll only takes about 1 day with out trying if you know what you are doing. The problem is how to pass this onto others teja wrote a thread which was somewhat useful and still has valid points just change haunt to hte. But for me the real problem seems retaining allies - my suggestion is that all new accounts have max plunder for a set time period eg a week weather they have an ally or not ( this allows them to still trade but not worry about ally retention) and still learn a fundamental of the game. The other change I suggest is removing the requirement to unlock 25 lands before building Coe etc this would speed up growth and ability to hit larger ebs war etc and participate in kaw. The last thing is some tiered events as new players eg quickest growth etc. anyway stupid useless ideas or great ideas they will be ignored as usual lol
  5. yeah. they should have picked a day that no one started before.
  6. But naked - they could have just given all accounts lowlands unlocked that had not completed it, then it wouldn't have mattered what date anyone started. But that would be to intelligent and logical for the devs lol
  7. really, there are people who completed low lands 3 years ago bitching about this.

    the point is, is that there is always just 'one more thing' devs should have done different to make thingd fair for someone else.

    The devs picked a day, had an app store promotion, and if you signed up that day you got free stuff.

    how many contingencies do they have to plan for?
  8. Lol
  9. Starter pack is offered to get new blood into the game.
    Stop with the unfair..gimme this or that.
  10. there were alot of legit new player today also.
  11. Thats a good thing thx for info.
    GL n enjoy to the new peepz
  12. It's not about fairness it's about intelligence and logical process lol but after two years and so small I can see why people support it .
  13. Incoming alts!!
  14. great trolls also :roll:
  15. Sorry think wrong move I give kaw 1 year devs were all get fed up go it's us old time players that help the new players with out us game will go down the toilet
  16. Have I just never seen it, or does kaw not advertise like most other successful, highly downloaded apps?

    With any app it's about getting huge numbers to download it, as only a percentage will become continuing customers.
  17. Sometimes they add to the beauty, Anon. 

  18. I agree. Junior. Seems unfair that you started and worked hard to find two days later your efforts are wasted. Welcome to kingdoms at war.
  19. Can't you help all the little guys already playing? 

  20. Best post on the thread... next to any of mine ofc