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  1. Update - 1/11 @ 2PM PST

    Congratulations on reaching 1,000 Shares on the Facebook post. All players will receive a free Golden Crux Chest and Frontier Spyglass once via a startup message once the new lands come out on January 21st.

    From January 8th through 20th new players joining Kingdoms at War will receive a special welcome package to help get them started. This is the first time we've ever offered a package like this, so there's never been a better time to invite your friends, family, or even enemies (we all need someone to farm right?).

    Recruit your friends by directing them to the App Store, Google Play, or

    Facebook Event

    If this Facebook post receives 1000 Shares by the end of the New User Starter Promo on January 20th we'll give all players of Kingdoms at War a FREE Frontier Spyglass and Golden Crux Chest.

    What is the Frontier Spyglass?
    Discovered amongst the wreckage found at the bottom of The Abyss this item allows for those who possess it to uncover new land free of charge. When you have this item in your inventory the next land you uncover will be free of charge. Don't wait too long though, as the Frontier Spyglass will be removed from player inventories on February 2nd, 2015
  2. Welcome new users! Don't be afraid to speak up and ask questions. Forums have some great teachers. 
  3. What's a volley ?
  4. Seriously? Those of us who had to work to unlock the first 25 lands and y'all are putting this out. Where the hell is the fun in this game anymore. It's just spend money and you win. Y'all push out so many updates it's stupid. Yea, let's put out another 25 lands let the LB players who can afford to spend hundreds grow even bigger. Let's put out another tier and there goes the LB even higher.

    Let's have promotions so people spend more and more to try and catch up. I get this is a business. I get it. But do y'all have to be so damn money hungry? Shoot, I have to work for my money. Day-in, day-out on the farm. There is no stopping for me and I enjoy this game because it's a way to communicate to the friends I have made over the years. Shoot, some of us are all planning to go to some major concerts together. This is what games are about: having fun and making friends. All y'all are doing is pushing more and more away.

    Maybe if ya stopped with all the crap you'd find out what the people want and not what your wallet wants.

    Where are these special packages for those who have been here for years? There isn't one.
  5. Great way to promote new players
  6. Does this work on resets started just too soon. :-(
  7. Does this apply to resets?
  8. Nice try devs.... I am not inviting any of my friends to this game, my friends have asked before if this game is good, and I said that they shouldn't waste their time with it.
  9. This is a nice idea.
    The devs did something good(ish).
    But what for HFBC players?
  10. Wow... what do the older plauers get for being loyal? To spend money so you can give out the 50$ of **** that we gotta pay for and you wont be out any money? Wow
  11. Devs x2 isnt good enough for new people they need spell that will allow them to have max plunder for atleast until they grow big enough to buy allies.
  12. Now this is exciting

  13. That too^
  14. It takes 3 days to get 25 highlands for us vets(5 year player, I reset a lot) Noobs have it harder.
    Oh and are you SERIOUSLY complaining because of this? This, what people have been asking for, a noob help pack or something? Come on, whatever the Devs do people hate, they might as well close the servers.
  15. With all these damn hte and crap yea. It'll take a week if you can afford to spend money on seals. When I joined a long time ago we didn't have seals or horns or epics. No, you farmed others or joined wars.
  16. I made this account 10 mins ago will this work for me?
  17. No Max plunder for a week spell (or similar ) that so many people have suggested on threads????
  18. Bugger. I joined a week too soon
  19. good idea for new players i think. Devs are doing something for those who are new to the game. I'm not so sure about the "$50 value." since this is a free game and all that takes less than a week to achieve in the first place. :lol: