new update sucks.

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  1. Still no word on a fix?
  2. Instead of crying about it, use the feedback button?
  3. Yeah because the feedback button works. LOL
  4. What is it for then? You have an issue. So why not tell them? I’ve reported a few things to them. And they sorted a few out. So get off your high horse and look for solutions instead of crying about something you clearly haven’t put any effort in trying to resolve.
  5. Yeah it’s a feedback button, that doesn’t mean it works the way it should. Look for solutions? The only solution is the devs being back the old interface, nothing we can do about it. You clearly have no idea what you’re talking about. You should keep quiet and leave the discussion to people with a high enough iq to know whats actually going on
  6. If you don’t understand that things can’t be fixed in a day, I think they try hard to make it work for everyone. With that many phones and software out there, it’ll be hard. Also, you can’t talk about IQ .Don't try make this a personal attack to a person on an online game. It’s people like you that are killing this game.
  7. How long has this thread been going and you talk about things being done in a day? Of course I can talk about iq, it’s not a personal attack its a fact. It stops you from understanding this thread and putting two and two together. All of your arguments have been easily destroyed you just keep rambling for whatever reason. You must be a dev alt
  8. Stop trying to derail the thread
  9. Just updated kaw on this iPad and now feel like I need glasses. Why such a small design devs?

  10. Yes man!
  11. Winston plz fix this terrible format. It’s so hard to read its ridiculous. Not mention all the other problems others have expressed. Sent in several requests to fix this and was told to go to forums and express thoughts/ concerns because development team regularly visit forums. If you have no intention of fixing it to make the game enjoyable. It would be nice if you would just say it.
  12. Journal entry 123:

    Day 60 of the new format and things haven’t gotten better. The constant squinting of my eyes to view kaw have left them permanently blood shot. My vision while not playing kaw has deteriorated to the point where I now drive with one eye covered.

    In fact, today, while driving on the streets of beautiful Vancouver, I almost ran over an elderly lady who turned out to be Winston’s dear aunt Sally. Oddly enough, she was nearly blind herself and attributed her vision loss to running max xstals on The NetherKing.

    Is this perhaps an anomalous coincidence? Without further examination, I can’t be certain.

    I do fear my eyes are mutating now and have scheduled an appointment with an optometrist. Wish me luck...

    ~W.E. McF
  13. 
  14. Good luck Willy the pirate
  15. HeY fOlKs! We ReLlY ApPrEcIaTe YoUr FeEdBaCk iN ReGaRdS tO tHe NeW l00k! FeEl fReE tO sHaRe sCrEeNsHoTs oF hOw tHe GaeM l00kS oN yOur sCreEns. ThIs wIlL bE vErY v I a B l E tO oUr dEsIgNeRs!