new update sucks.

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  1. New update most definitely sucks big time! I complained and the devs basically told me to piss off! I wear glasses and my eyesight is not so good and this now is really a pain to try and play! I also can not trade any more and not able to pm anyone! I can receive pm but cannot reply as there is no window to type in! Also in clan chat half of my chat window to type in is cut off, so when I am typing I only see the top part of the letters! Come on devs, get your poo together and fix this lousy update! I for one will not be spending any more big money on noob and combo packages until this is resolved and i think others should do the same! Maybe a hit in the pocketbook will get you to reconsider this poorly thought out and executed upgrade(i.e. downgrade)! Not a happy camper! Using iPhone 6 & iOS 9.3.5
  2. I use iPhone 6 as well. I can't trade anything because the "trade" button is not accessible after choosing the item.

    Please please roll back to last interface. As someone who lightly pvp, the old interface is much more comfortable.
  3. Bump. Til Devs correct update.
  4. If this isn’t enough proof then ya all just plain foolish
  5. Oh man I hate that I can't see the epic now. Don't know anything bout what these cry babies seeing. Is this issue only for iphone/ios?
  6. Bumping until Devs fix. Please keep this thread going.

  7. Please fix the viewing size with a new update
  8. Galaxy S6 here, same issue
  9. Has it been fixed yet?
  10. Just downloaded the new update last night and I have to agree. It’s horrible. The idea behind a bigger phone for me, (iPhone 8 Plus) is so I don’t have to hold it so damn close to my face to be able to see and do anything. Now with the new update, everything is so small and hard to read I’m finding myself looking at my phone 8-10 inches from my eyes. There’s so much wasted space on the home screen now, world chat, cc, alliance chat and walls are hard to read, banners are screwed up and not centered anymore. I made the comment earlier that it feels like I’m playing a generic, low budget game now. The overall experience is awkward and feels clumsy.
  11. So, I take it I shouldn’t update KaW? :lol:
  12. This update is absolutely terrible for iPhone. Please fix. The last interface was far superior than this garbage you put on my phone.
  13. When can settle this suck update
  14. Any word yet on an update to the last update?
  15. Nah devs like playing stupid
  16. Did yesterday’s IOS Update fix the screen resolution problem?
  17. No it’s still the same. Guessing that the fact that ata hasn’t addressed this thread is there answer to are they are going to fix this issue. Meaning that if you are on a iPhone to bad for you ?
  18. Still no news from ATA regarding the updated UI? Could you just say if there will be one or not please?
  19. I wonder if they’ll respond in the App Store?