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  1. Hey everybody.
    This is my first time coming to post on forums in a very long time.

    I've noticed the charms/rewards/furniture aspect of the game has striked a massive new dynamic that arguably rules the game. To me, the ability to convert old and unused equipment into something that gives an added BFE boost is a great idea. Even our old epic battle equipment has the power to give us a little extra bonus.

    So why not our old and unused banners?

    I propse the ability to transmute old banners into a new type of charm. Perhaps for a fraction of their percentage bonus. A small percentage edge added to charms might be an interesting addition.

    This is only a rough idea I have been pondering, but I would like any and all suggestions for and against it.

    Discuss! Cheers, Benzos.
  2. O I like that idea :)
  3. I dont even have enough inferno and aqua to transmute my equipment.

    No support!
  4. I’ll actually agree with you here. :(
  5. The majority of banners require items easily obtained through epic battles! And the others require event specific tokens! It would not provide another bottomless pit to spend your aqua and inferno on, we already have moth equipment to do that! :lol:
  6. No support
  7. May I ask why exactly?
  8. Because he's a troll they should allow us to trade banner tokens
  9. That's another good idea! Perhaps that will be included in the mysterious "gifting" tab one day
  10. Would be great, I'd move all my top 10 banners here. :p Maybe the new gifting feature would allow us to move banners.
  11. I like the idea of being able to use banners

    However I’m against the idea of them giving a small percentage stat bonus and here is why

    I feel like it would further imbalance wars.

    Let’s say you have both clan roster 1
    Both build completes with 2bil attack and defence each!

    So 1 Of the accounts has been playing 8 years with every banner under the sun, has transmuted all of the banner he/her doesn’t use! Now let’s say that gives 15%. Now 15% on top of 2b is 300m.
    So this account at 100% troops now has 2.3b

    Now the other account is bc in 2 years and only has 1/5 if the available banners to transmute and it gives 3%

    See what I’m getting at here?
    Also the accounts with like 70 alts could just move all banners to one account further unbalancing.

    Now my solution!!
    Older banners / rare banners (eg. Top 100/10) should just give very very good stat bonuses kind of how like icetails/asw/circlets work.
  12. I agree!

    The system used to dertemining stats from an icetail or other rare equipmemt would work well.

    My thoughts on percentage charms would be a very small fraction of the banner's original bonus. But perhaps with the current spread on player stats this could only further the gap between new players and build completes.

    As for the hording of banners from alts, people do this regularly with rare and powerful charms, so banners shouldn't make a huge difference.

    But, in the end I would love to see a use for top 100 and top 10 banners that are no longer used.
  13. That's the general idea amongst games, play longer = more rewards / benefits. Case in point would be the % bonuses on the years played achievements, the % bonuses on higher B/L wins that takes time/ a lot of actions and crystals to accrue or even the 8% reset bonuses. If a 8 year BC has no advantage(however small) over a 2 year BC, what would be the point lol?
    This is where level balancing comes into play, where developers design it in such a way that an older player will have a small advantage over a newer one at the same level, but not too large to unbalance the game and discourage them newer players.
  14. @frost

    I’m not saying they shouldn’t reward longer playing accounts, I agree! Why shouldn’t they get rewarded for playing longer.

    I just think it’s slightly unfair to do it in a percentage based manner
  15. Sure ! I can just post up in a clan with hella horns and have a couple hundred % bonus in a day!
  16. Forget banners wheres the gifting
  17. Because rewarding people with a loads of % bonuses will break the game further.
  18. 3k both here just to lazy 