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Discussion in 'Other KaW Discussion' started by verong3, Mar 28, 2015.

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  1. Hey folks,

    What about a gold sod or horn? Each would give sealer 100% plunder bonus. Cost 79 nob for gsod and 44 nob for ghorn?


  2. The prices of these Dames is already steep enough bud...
  3. Silver crux chest....solved
  4. Ok what about a item for purchase that allows double xstals on a eb?
  5. Thats possibly the gayest idea ive ever heard
  6. There's your double plunder verong.
  7. I saw a sod both silver and gold in a vision a few minutes ago


  8. And let me guess.. It stacks with 2x chests for 4x hte?
  9. Can mods just perm ban this dude from forums? Tired of seeing his low effort "let's pay to play" threads.
  10. Are you fricking crazy!-?!?!
  11. Hey there,

    Actually most have not been pay to play. I like to be short and to the point. I don't like embellishments at all to much room for ambiguity.


  12. Straight to the point? Is that what you call this low effort thread? Ha. What a joke. Why don't you explain things or go into detail, or better yet, just make a thread people can laugh at with pictures and stuff. Not everything in life has to be "straight to the point" as you like to call it.
  13. There is nothing wrong with pay to play... Some people do some people don't. It's there right to choose there playing style, don't hate on them. There keeping this game up an running
  14. Hey there,

    I don't see anything special in your statement. I wonder, if you know the effort it takes just to simplify something?


  15. I don't think you are being sincere, so please stop signing off with it. Since no one can read who posted you add your name huh?
  16. I actually support the 'low effort thread' style.

    Why bother typing 20 sentences when two will suffice? Bb codes and pics are not always necessary to get your point across.
  17. Meybee wee cud lyke intredoose 69x plunda 4 5000 nobelity.

    I lyke dis pey2win.
  18. Hi,

    No support.


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Not open for further replies.