New Seabed Furnishing Set

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  1. A rough sketch of an underwater theme set I made recently.

    Hate welcome

    Left Room
    Fish Skeleton on Driftwood
    Diving Tank
    Diving Helmet
    Sea glass, ship, and message in a bottle

    Center Room
    Starfish Carpet
    Coral Reef Stairs
    Hermit Crab
    Shark Jaw Throne
    Anchor Chain Pillars
    Maritime Flag Banner

    Right Room
    Glass Balls and Rope Chandelier
    Lobster Trap

    Excuse the lazy bbcoding
    Also the forums do not work for me and this is the only sub I can get the post to go up in so here we are.
  2. This is great, nice work Wiz
  4. yeah im gonna give that octopus suction boy an 11/10 good stuff
  5. Wow. This is awesome.
    10/10. Will not troll.
  6. 8 legged doggo :3
  7. Support. Always wanted this to happen
  8. Looks amazing! Devs should get you a contract for this set!
  9. I like the rave balls tbh. Support. Dunno about the diving tech though, I think the mage would just cast spells instead.
  10. I love this. People making and posting more posts like this would be highly appreciated, wish i had the skill too!
  11. This is a really high quality thread, a d you put in a lot of work. It looks good
  12. Put a shark as a pet and I’m sold
  13. These look incredible.

    Support!! much more potential with underwater, from sharks to cool looking squids, maybe a sea turtle
  14. Thanks for the support everybody!

    I have a few more sets I’ve done / am finishing up that I will post soon.
    If anyone has any rough ideas let me know and I may work on them.

    I went back and forth on the diving tech, wondering if it was too advanced compared to other items in the game. I ultimately decided to keep them based on a couple quick google searches on other furnishings in the game. Most relevant was the periscope in the official underwater set. The first naval periscope was made in 1854, while the first diving helmets were produced in the 1820’s.
    A mage spell does seem more efficient than some heavy gear though :)
  15. Support but it should be a kracken other than octopus other than that really great artwork and effort
  16. Great job!