New pvp event guide

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by Grave, Oct 28, 2018.

  1. Here is the basics you need to know to succeed at the pvp event

    if you are a hunter
    - cast hunter spell
    - spam the battle list refresh for a target
    - click on target
    - wait 10 seconds
    - attack/ assassin to dtw

    If you are a wolf
    -look for a hunter you can hit in the wc updates
    - xtal use your token then spam attack/assassin your target, even if you fail
    - keep going until you either put yourself under 20% attack and above 20% spy
    - if you pin yourself you won't be slain as long as you aren't scouted
    - xtal and repeat until player is dtw.
  2. Was there anything i missed? Do you have a better strategy? Discuss below
  3. I plan on testing this Hunter/Wolf event mechs on a PS later today. Will update after testing.

    Test Results:

    PS (0/100)

    Gold Out:
    Atk kill - No
    Asn kill - No
    Stl kill - No
    Sct kill- No

    Zero Gold:
    Atk kill - DTW
    Asn kill - No
    Stl kill - No
    Sct kill - No

    PS (0/19)

    Gold Out:
    Atk kill - DTW
    Asn kill - Yes
    Stl kill - Yes
    Sct kill - Yes

    Zero Gold:
    Atk kill - DTW
    Asn kill - Yes
    Stl kill - DTW
    Sct kill - Yes

    Well that concludes that. It seems a PS who can keep their spies above 20% is super hard to kill in a 1v1. Especially a towered PS. Doesn't matter if the PS is open or closed for attacks either way.
  4. Self pinning as a wolf doesn’t work all you have to do is scout them and you get the kill. A better suggestion is to assa till your first fail the other player won’t know who’s hitting them and won’t be able to retaliate in time. Second bit of advice is to use a wolf token before you use the hunter it allows you to check the battle list and see what other people are choosing and if anyone is even online. Carefully choose your targets and use full pots and mith

  5. Have you even signed up for this event? You can xtal at 0/21 and not be slain as long as you did the attack that puts your attack bar before 20%

    The players you are hitting doesnt know its you but the 5 people attacking you at once do.

  6. Self pinning will not work unless you want to waste crystals all event. Self pinning literally makes you the easiest person to kill. I don’t know maybe you want to give out bad information so it’s easier to knock others
  7. Wolf steps didn’t work

  8. Are you sure you are the one who brought your troops below 20%?
    Which step didnt work?
  9. Don’t bother with this event. There are only three of us on the BL anyway.
  10. You’re actually allowed to use Alts to boost accounts on the lb so why waste time fighting others just get both accounts on at a late time and farm away you can get 120 graves an hour by doing it
  11. Successful actions generally work better