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  1. Kaw game developers create a Dev owned and ran clan, players compete to get accepted. New Dev clan members help unlocking ebs making mith instead of gold, or ebs drop special eq. Imagine best of the best players competing to join a Dev clan, one which will have killer ebs. Lb clans would be torn to pieces...
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  3. I tried to read that paragraph but just couldn't.
  4. I honestly don't know what we're to do.
  5. I tried to understand and failed
  6. how would you compete to get accepted?
  8. I am sorry the school system failed you.
  9. I tried to read it but i was like

  10. For those wondering about what OP said:

    • Devs make and run a clan
    • Devs set up some sort of competition to decide who gets to join
    • Clan has special EBs exclusive to it that pay lots of gold and drop Mith and special equip
  11. Thank you for the translation Sentinel !
  12. No, no... Just no
  13. He said the Ebs make Mith!
  14. I see this is your first post.

    I hope its your last.
  15. Easy Translation
    > Devs create and run a clan.
    > Hold an event and the top 50 or so get accepted into clan.
    > Complete EB's that pay Mithril and/or special equipment.
    > Ruins Clan LB.
    > People get to OP.
    > **** happens.
  16. no support, op needs to redo school...
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