New Pots makes Hansel builds more Viable?

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by Hansel, Jan 9, 2012.

  1. Seriously, with the new attack potions... a Hansel build could gain a additional 1 millish pure attack stats just from attack potions, and the opponent will have no way of defending that extra 1millish due to not having any defence pots o_O, beside having more attack buildings... But 1mill of static attack does make a huge difference.
  2. Yeah that's kaw for ya.
  3. You really started a good build bro
  4. No. 1 millish is nothing with raw stats plus def pots. The spy pots on the other hand...
  5. New attack pots only is dumb. If devs had to make new pots, at least make defense ones too!
  6. Yep. I'm farming a HLBC with 44 coe's and it's all wins. He claims that I pay 50m a hit when he hits me but that can't be true if I make the same on him and I only have 38 lands.

    I do need to use my spies on him to soften him up but if I had less spies I'm sure this would be easier to get attack wins in.

    So, yea, I can farm much larger players now and take advantage of both bars on someone.

    I hope they're done adding pots and tiers though.
  7. I do agree the new pots give an unfair advantage when defending.

    But then you could come back with get more and hit back. So defense pots are needed to counter, possibly as a drop, but you also have the advantage when attacking.
  8. It makes a huge difference. They're basically free pots that u get for doin what your supposed to do. If they 1millish static attack to an attack. I can attack people 2-3 times bigger then me and still win. Makes game way unfair for defender seeing as how attacker now has more pots available for use.
  9. I like all the free pots.