New Potions are Here!

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  3. Why? Don't release old pots you took away and act like this is "new content". Strategy? How does this add strategy? Just makes pvp osw ee a bit more expensive when it's not that profitable as it is. Only good in this is it helps Hansel hit higher tier ebs. Or smalls hit bigger ppl which was the reason you took away in the first place(rember round wars and sh) Don't know why this is wanted or needed now but I don't see a good reason.
  4. A new war type would be nice. Ll indi get old. Or even bring back advantage and random. No idea why you phased them out. Last event was flawed but had some good ideas. Now straight back to same old same old. You know what we as a community want more than anything? Variety. New ideas, innovation. Plenty of great ideas in forums waiting to be read by a dev who gives a crap.
  5. This move is nothing more than a tool for making more profit for the devs.(which is fine because it's a business after all). This accomplishes nothing positive for the players. It ultimately makes the players spend more real life money to make sure we're fully stocked on pots.

    The thing about releasing new pots is: I buy them, you buy them, they cancel out. Now instead of my 12 attack pots against your 12 defense pots, it's 13 versus 13. No change in me succeeding or you stopping me.

    The only, very tiny, positive is that smaller players may be able to use the new pots to hit some higher tier ebs. But at the price of the new pots, does it become worth it for them?
  6. Are these going to be like the last potions that were too strong and people cried and you guys took them away....
  7. Thank you for increasing the strategy level.
  8. If only this was post on the 20th of March T_T
  9. Build sell day better be black friday
  10. 108m attack? That's basically nothing as far as attack power actually goes. For these to really be beneficial they need to offer more stats increase than a lvl1 t3 building. Unless your with in inches of the player your trying to hit they don't really offer any "strategy". Anyhow at least they finally get to sick around in game.
  11. Is it just me or does the spy def pot read "Procrastinator"? Cause the ability to see into future events is precognition, not procognition.

    Are... are you trying to tell us something ATA?
  12. Aren't those the pots that were added during the dragon event with that golden dragon chest plate then removed for being overpowered at the time?
  13. Love new potions
  14. I'm confused by the apathy on the potion release, saying that the new potions don't change anything.

    On the contrary, as someone else has stated, this allows smaller builds (they referenced hansels) to participate in larger Epic Battles, including unlocking new Epic Battles for their clan or doing Equipment EBs (both of which are not necessarily primarily For-Profit in nature.

    Additionally, for the larger players who are able to defeat defending players running all defense/spy defense potions without using the same amount of attack/spy attack potions (or better, able to defeat them without using any), this release means more plunder gained per hit in PVP, essentially raising the income of the smart skirmisher on the battle list.

    Sure, this tentatively increases the cost-of-entry for the system wars and such, but others have already explained the cost is relatively marginal in the scheme of things.

    I, for one, welcome the addition to the game.
  15. New mith spells could also be useful
    I suggest a novel idea for them.


    War only mith spells:

    How they work is quite simple.
    Stat bonuses as follows

    Cr 15 gets 5% att bonus to hit Cr 1-5
    Cr 14 gets 4% att bonus to hit Cr 1-5
    Cr 13 gets 4% att bonus to hit Cr 1-4
    Cr 12 gets 4% att bonus to hit Cr 1-3
    Cr 11 gets 3% att bonus to hit Cr 1-2
    Cr 10 gets 2% att bonus to hit Cr 1

    Cr 1-5 get 5% plunder bonus to hit Cr 10-15
    Cr 6-9 get 5% att/spy def bonuses

    Hansels get 5% att def bonus
    PS get 5% steal bonus

    Now the question is does this offer enough or not enough and is equitable?

    Feel free to tweak and discuss away
  16. i woulda liked them a year back when the max cs was only like 100m. but nah, lb players did what they do second best;complain.
  17. My theory is that pots are useless, everyone buys all the pots and uses them. Doesn't it just cancel each other out?
  18. No, attack pots are stronger than defence pots. You don't really notice a huge difference unless you're small like me though. Even then it's pretty insignificant.
  19. Nice job spending time on something that matters soooo much
  20. It wouldn't take more than a few days, even then only if they aren't putting their best effort in.
    Remember they manage multiple apps.