New Player Guide Using Screen Shots the basics.

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    Anywhere you see i dotted * or circled O is where you click on your page to get to the next screen shot.
    I did have to go back to the home page a few times. Using the home button in the top left corner.

    The top left home button is shown here.

    The fastest way to earn money when your smaller is by hitting quests. In the below screen shot, click quests and then click the middle quest. You will do the quest to earn money.

    - With quests, it will only use your attack troops. You will notice your spy troops will stay full.
    - After you run your troops out on quests you can use a xtal if it pops up after you run troops out. Or you can wait approximately 1 hour. In the 1 hour your attack troops should be almost full again.
    - After unloading your troops on the quest you will probably have enough to upgrade your kingdom.

    - Hit the Home Button and continue to hit Your Kingdom as shown in the the screen shots below.

    - In the below screen shots you will notice i click on kingdom and all lands for the lowest tier are unlocked. You should use your money from quests to build 14 work shops and 10 Guilds.


    - After you have finished the above to make your kingdom stronger. You should be strong enough to hit epic battles known as ebs.
    - Ebs can only be accessed through joining a clan.

    - Hit the home button then hit the clan tab in the bottom middle.
    - You will see a tab in the middle bottom again that says ( Clan events), go ahead and click that tab.
    - You will see alot of different clans running ebs ( the monsters in the left corner). You want to find a clan running a pig looking monster.
    - When you find a clan running the pig monster you can click the
    white name of the clan.
    - This will lead you to the clan where you can join.
    - If you get accepted, you should see the pig looking monster on your
    home page.
    - When you click the pig monster you will see a attack button.
    - Click the attack button and it should lead you to a screen that has 5 tabs (attack/ steal/ scout/ assassinate/ items).
    - Always try attack and assassinate first. If that doesnt work try scout or steal
    - If it still doesnt work go to clan chat
    - You will hit the bottom right chat bubble. Swipe left to get to the clan tab. You can chat or ask what phase action the eb is in. (attk/assin/steal/sct/item)


    Thank you for reviewing my first ever thread.
    This guide was mainly for and only brand new players. If you have any other ideas or requests for other forums using screen shots. Post below ๐Ÿ‘
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  2. Hope this helps peeps๐Ÿ‘Thank you for reviewing my thread.