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  1. Why do people think having mp allies will keep them here?

    I didn't give one about mp until a 2 weeks into the game, none of you people will of had a mp ally until day 3 - 7 of playing. And by then you would of had 1/2 bil to throw into a ally.

    Why people leave kaw is for a number of reasons. Two big ones are that kaw is boring go and show kaw to anyone who doesn't play they will say how boring it looks.

    The other is you lot take this game way to seriously. All these rules like no more than 5 hits a day. These new guys don't want to hit ebs they want to war with each other.

    Any of you who say otherwise. Clear are living in your own bubble. I suggest you take a step back from the game because it very much seems no one knows what they are talking about.
  2. The 5 hit maximum isn't a rule. In the past it was for osf's to be able to have gold for other players when they allowed the community to hit them. That way other players would be able to gain some gold upon attacking. It was also a courtesy to do. You did not have to, and still you really don't have to follow this process.

    This is a war game after all.
  3. Right its not a rule, its a holy gift
  4. Boo  bad idea
  5. No it reffered to BL hits...The orginal thread is still around when the community discussed the idea i think
  7. The worst thing a new player can have happen to them is to be volleyed without understanding what is happening.

    It is important they have someone explain it to them so they ask for a volley...and then they are taking initiative.

    The reality is that many players will volley for the profits and walk away without taking the new player under their wing.
  8. Think about it fun for a player to download an app and have to tap mindlessly on hte for months to grow enough to feel like they can compete?

    Any game needs to be fun at all levels if the journey, including introduction, growth and end phases.
  9. What is volley
  10. What is bump? Jk :lol:

    A volley is where players repeatedly hire a player which over time increases that said players value which earns them gold. This is a great way to give the new players a boost in the early game.
  11. The dev focused its money strategy a few years ago to benefit the big spenders . They stopped small builds having ability to attack huge ones which had been an effective osw strategy .

    This cash domination further developed the super spender / difference . Most people don't see the same financial value so don't spend as medium / small spending doesn't give value for money .

    Simple solution stop protecting the leaderboard dominance of the game - make them at least scout able if not stripable - like most of us who play . That way most players will spend more and continue to enjoy this once great game .

    Make everyone's nobs count the same  £ for £ - why should mine be stripable and not the lb and super sized players .

    New tiers - a joke to keep your lb spending and putting them further out of reach . I remember in early days dev saying their aim was to produce best game ever - like wagon train nearly was . - stop throwing this vision away - or has it gone ?

  12. Don't forget the old players KAw
  13. Nice idea Support this 100%
  14. Why That useless bump?. You sir must of been dropped on your head. Please go away before you breed more of your kind in the forums.

    Bye Felicia
  15. They already have this feature ..
  16. Woohoo! Now we can volley whenever we need gold.
    Great idea.
    Full support.
    Thank you devs!
  17. Only implemented a year ago.. :roll:
  18. Doesn't even work