New Pet?

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  1. I really want a new pet! Something in a tank I can keep on my desk and look at while I do work (at home) and maybe occasionally touch/play with but not a requirement at all.

    I was thinking a snake but they live a long time and I wouldn't want a sneaky beast that grows to 6 feet long. I like them when they're 6 inches - 1 foot :lol: . And if you say fish, I need a certain type of fish like what would be cool kind of fish. Thanks for the help ahead of time! And if there are snakes that stay 1 foot or under let me know :shock: . Thanks again!
  2. Get a worm.....
  3. A kardashian
  4. Komodo Dragon, do eet!
  5. If you want a snake ask your local store that carries them if they got what you want and inquire about it. Most, not all reptiles grow in accordance to the size of their habitat. I had a Rosey Boa for 15 years and damn I miss her and her copper and blue color... anywho she was in an equivalent of a 30 gallon aquarium and she never got bigger than 3 feet long.

    Just ask around, inquire about it and figure what you really want. :)

  6. Ewwwwww a snake °_° no no no
  7. You should get a Chinchilla or a Sugar Glider :)
  8. Get a beta fish, easy maintenance. You can get a fish bowl or a decent sized flower vase and put gravel and stuff in it, they come out pretty cool
  9. Small snake. Get a kenyan sand boa. Only about a foot. Not aggressive. U may only see its nose most of the time but they are pretty. Used 2 have a few of them.
  10. get a pupper or a doggo if you're already experienced in the animal type of doge
  11. Get a Mogwai.

    Just dont get it wet or feed it adter midnight.

    Not sure when after midnight you can feed it again though!
  12. Scorpion
  13. Honestly one of the best suggestions so far. Snakes are probably higher maintenance or bigger than you want. Chinchillas and sugar gliders are both social animals, and unless you have more than one they'll get stressed and die of loneliness. Sugar gliders are also nocturnal, and so will probably not be a great source of passive entertainment during the day. Fish are an obvious choice, but you don't seem too enthused.

    Tarantulas are low maintenance (mostly just feeding, like with crickets from the pet store, and I've heard from friends who own them that occasionally you have to help pull a little of their molt off if they get stuck). They're a fantastic conversation piece, and at least to me interesting to watch. You can take it out and handle it if you want, but there isn't a need to like with other pets. Little waste cleanup, no shedding, won't ever smell like pee.
  14. My kids brought a garden snake in my house I killed it ...

    If I never have killed the snake it would of died anyways js. Bc they said snakes don't eat lol
  15. You're a monster!

    Also you believed your children that snakes don't eat? Odd that species would still be around if they consumed nothing. :roll: