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  1. AS we all know with the release of hte the growing in kaw becomes easier. htes r important part of kaw but with the release of hf player becomes bigger they r able to kill htes in 20-30 min in bigger clans they complete htes at damn fast rates. as we all know htes gives way better plunder when done slowly to kept it running most of the time htes clan and other bigger clans discovered some ways like capping no. of hits and all that etc. so fr big players there could be better paid ebs here is a example -
    paid tsg which can give 3xplunderthan normal tsg or,
    enhanced htes having more attck/ass bars in them
    so aleast they can be run fr even more time and giving better plunders to big players. as well as nice space fr mids and smalls who can feed on normal htes to grow.
  2. How much would enhanced hte cost? And the triple TSG as well even though no one will do that.
  3. no support.
  4. Hte already gives 600b/30 minutes doesnt it?
  5. 300Ish Bil the whole clan would need plunder spells for 600.
  6. I dont think thats the issue.if you watch wc most clans are doing hte's to keep up with ever expanding kaw.equip clans are all just about gone its tough to find clans running all the ebs needed to get equip.Thats where i feel like in order to keep ppl playing i dont know what the answer is other that killing off hte which willnot happen.
  7. Ive always wondered why they havent rotated the "promo" eb with 3x plunder as they did in summer promo

    Well we all know that hte is here to stay and no longer a promo, but devs could atleast consider a different eb to unlock with seal/seals such as a tsg, fod, toc, stp, ect for higher plunder payouts. Or things like tfo, reck, or ambush for smaller players.

    Overall, all eb series need a major plunder overhaul except for the destroyer series, apherium, jorathe the giant and bone dragon series.

    Some arent balanced and are totally not worth doing, even for equipment hunting.
  8. 300b in 30 minutes is more than enough. I don't know how you're complaining.
  9. No support
  10. It will expand the gap EVEN further
  11. Make a new eb for big hitters not harder the hte noob clan will always defeat if u make it hard
  13. that 300b is fr the whole clan not a single memb and btw 300b distributes in between the no. of person hits it. the more hitters smaller the individual payout and even it depends on how bigger a player is
  14. the part is not to kill hte its about to make a change in hte or giving a eb better than hte.
  15. there is always a room for improvement all we need to do just needs to think upon.
  16. No support. For your idea or your grammar. Both are horrible. Please return to your 2nd grade classes.
  17. Terrible idea
  18. I don't know why ppl are complaining again. Especially with HTE. 300 bil total plunder per 30 min? We've done 2.8 Tril total plunder in 15 min. Maybe think your strategies? Spies reduce plunder. If you allow max xtals, only troops and spies only hansels, then you guys would be earning way more. Especially with spells open. Good luck! Happy KaWing️
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