New Mith Spell: Activity

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by ButterfIyKisses, Nov 8, 2013.

  1. Idea for a new mith spell.

    An activity mith. Free like the wave. Activate it for 24 hour periods. Who cares what the name is.

    Reason: Buying allies off the ally list sucks. Tedious finding who's active if you have to open every single kingdom to gauge activity level. Would be much easier if people could activate a spell that says "HEY OVER HERE. ME ME IM ACTIVE". Would help the buyers as well as the allies being bought.

    Can't see a downside to it because its a spell you have to activate that ends after a certain preset limit. So if you don't want ppl to know you are active you just don't pop the mith.

    Would also foster more social aspects of this game. I know I enjoy helping new players. If I saw more of them to hire and coach without having to spend eleventy seven hours searching for an active I would be able to coach more into quick growth. As would many others.

    All in All its a win-win from where I stand. Feel free to poke holes in the idea if you can tho pls.
  2. Great idea! Support!! I love helping noobs grow and get addicted and that spell would be perfect!
  3. Good idea, support! 
  4. No support. Why would you cast a mith to be volleyed 3 times netting a total of 3 million gold.
  5. I support by the way I very ACTIVE:)
  6. Why wouldn't you is the question narwhal. Why wouldn't you?
  7. It sounds more for the buyer not the player being bought
  8. It is kind of more for the buyer obviously. The person being bought only makes 1m per hire. But don't just think about today. Think into the future. If that player sticks around he will eventually be a buyer and will also benefit from it.
    Plus there is a chance he will meet a new friend in whoever buys him. And this game is more about who you know than what you know.
    Also I know people who are near highland complete that still like being bought. It feels good to know someone thinks you are worthy of a purchase. So this would also help that crowd enjoy their game a little more.

    I still can't see any downsides but please if you see any holes in the idea poke at them
  9. It is more for the buyer. When you begin shopping in the higher range there is a lot of accounts that have gone inactive . You make an error if you hire these allies because you're stuck with them. This can really help ally traders a lot.
  10. One downside...mith costs gold...that gold could be put towards growing instead of casting the spell. And theres still the limit on how much mith you can buy a day.

    I dont exactly like this idea. Sorry
  11. Because cost of spell > 3 million gold
  12. @ the 2 previous posters. Please re-read the post. It doesn't cost you a single coin to cast the war spell. Please re-read before posting irrelevant nonsense
  13. War spell comment was meaning not all spells cost mith. This one would be a free spell
  14. If its free then Ill support but I dont think that will make devs money.
  15. Log on, cast spell. Log off.

    Or you could use the ally market the right way and make a profit. Just because someone is active doesn't mean they are underpriced.

    If it's free, why does your title say 'New Mith Spell: Activity'?
  16. Support, I think this is a great idea.
  17. IMO it's not just for ally trading. Some people like training newer players. This would be easy to find newer players looking for a mentor.
  18. @Bacon WOC is considered a mith spell but it requires 0 mith just like this new mith spell.
  19. @xilver. Of course it would make ata money. Anything that creates more of a social aspect in the game creates revenue in the long run. Also it would make finding allies easier, so who's to say there isn't a few ppl that would nob a bit to jump in. There are many scenarios where this creates revenu.

    @narwhal. You are right. I did put mith spell in the title. My fault. If you had read the op you would have realized my mistake before posting and making it obvious you only read the title before commenting. Your fault lol
  20. Lol finally. Someone posted worth hiringalthough it wasn't my intention I figured I would find me a good active ally here