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  1. So I found this

    Thoughts? Second pic looks like it says part two, so was there a first part I missed?
    Edit: second pic doesn't show up for some reason sorry
    Also I missed an HTE ffa phase to post this because tinypic is stupid as hell.
    Edit: missed both phases, thanks for being unintuitive tinypic" style="max-width: 100%;" />
  2. u evil i say .. lol :D
  3. We never finished our conversation on communism
  4. Z'uthmerak vs apherion is just code for devs vs our wallets.
  5. Sounds pretty one sided
  6. You can buy more than one... which is interesting.
  7. You can buy 500 at a time apparently
  8. Thanks op your rant about missing pots saved me almost made the same mistake
  9. You are welcome
  10. Spoiler alert, capitalism won.
  11. Capitalism wasn't part of the debate :lol:
  12. Well that's the end of this discussion.
  13. Charge your device op. You'll miss more pots if it dies.