NEW marketplace idea

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Would you like to see something of the sort change?

  1. No, I like it how it is now.

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  2. Yes! It’s 2020 and changes Need to be made.

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  3. I don’t care.

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  1. The devs should come up with a new marketplace!


    It’s too crowded
    Takes forever to scroll through
    Some people don’t know how to transmute equipment

    you should make a new menu that allows for anonymous player trading as well ( no complaints about scamming )
    Such as if one person has something to sell and they want it for a certain so and so, they will be able to trade it for exactly that.
    ( AKA- use the menus that are in mmo rpg games, although this ain’t a mmo rpg game 😂) it would be easier if people would just post what they want for certain items there.

    Benefits for doing so would come around like this-
    you would have less complaints
    Easier trading system
    Less clutter for ads regarding trading in WC

    The idea goes more in depth but, the normal trading system would still be available
    And the original marketplace would just be remodeled along with the addition of the market.

    I might just be rambling on but... it’s 2020 and this games hella old. It just needs an update. And possibly seasonal updates?..... to like the main menu, borders and such. Idk

    well, I’m done. Just pm me if ya need anything.
  2. "Welcome to the Grand Exchange"?
  3. Updates? In this economy?!
  4. Exactly. You think the devs are made of money?? 🌚