New Loading Screen?

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  1. Hello anyone reading this,
    I’m writing to ask a question about the latest loading screen I am seeing. Is it just me or is that a little lewd? A big monster with its *redacted* hanging out, uncovered, all natural.
    Now this isn’t the thing that really bothers me. What gets me is no one is allowed to curse or use sexual/suggestive language in a public channel. Yet ATA puts a monster on the loading screen for everyone to see as they are logging in with their big ole *redacted* flopping around in your face. Is that not against their own TOU?
    A Nobody
  2. Well, I suppose that's what you called desensitization. But I've seen worse in other games. I even wonder if they are just highly insensitive or if they just permit it.. But ever since then I avoided such characters..
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  3. They do allow drug paraphernalia as in game items in PimD 😬
  4. Really?! As in, the names are openly stated?.. And also, illegal in all states? (Because marijuana are allowed in some states. Not sure about universities though)..
  5. This was long before the majority of recreational legalisation started.
  6. So, now they got away with it because it's mostly legal now?.. aww🙁..
  7. Good day Developers,

    My android just updated to the new loading screen. I first would like to ask, what age appropriate game is this suppose to be for? I dont think a woman like top naked creature is appropriate for a teen rated game. I personally dont wont my kids (teens) walking by seeing my game loading with a half naked woman on it. I mean this is not a porn game is it?? What is the point of your loading screen having this picture on it?? How does that picture protray your Kingdoms At War??

    I also, agree with Gladiator on the fact that we sensor world chat that arent appropriate or kid friendly, yet you put this as loading screen. How very contradictory this is on your part.

    Please change your loading screen!!!!!

    I will also send this as a help ticket, very disappointed!

    Thanks Stacy
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  8. Bring back Arkosa? Everyone?..
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  9. The new loading screen SUCKS..
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  10. I remembered this thread after updating 🙁... I hope that they are cooking a better loading screen for us that's actually appropriate for kids and teens.

    How to tell if it's appropriate? Show it to mom or dad, gf/bf, wife/husband. Did it felt awkward or uncomfortable? That's how it feels like opening the game while being in quarantine. We played for the sake of the game and/or its social aspect, and I hope that our interest for it will not be misunderstood through the loading screen...
  11. Personally it’s one of the best things to see when I start my day
  12. I will admit that I’ll at least associate the loading screen with friendfest, since that’s the only time I’ve done that Epic Battle. That said, I wouldn’t say no to bringing back Arkosa in some form - maybe just use the image of her fighting some infernal beast that’s on the KaW website? I could see how it’s not as identifiable or mascot-y/memorable, though.
  13. Really dislike the loading screen. I make sure no one is around when I open it...
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  14. I agree. As an adult, I thought the loading screen was inappropriate for teens/kids. Personally, I have 3 kids and I know I wouldn’t want them seeing the screen and asking what it is. I will admit that when I first saw it, it reminded me a little of Mystic in the X-men series with the body suit. When the screen came out, I assumed it was just a body suit, but you can clearly see what it is. I think the splash screen should be Arkosa or one of the many monsters we fight in eb, or maybe like the haunting monster, only purple or some other color.