New Legend... New Mystery Boxes...

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  1. Can you remove the "Play free on Mac & PC" badge from the homepage if you're no longer updating these devices please.
  2. Also, I'd like to thank you guys for steadily making the "complete one epic battle" legend (that drops the free chest) slightly earlier each day. The precisely-24h limit was always a bummer because my schedule is slightly different each day, so I'd never be able to open quite enough boxes.
  3. Whaaat?
  4. Bring back Banner Events to include in legends!!!
  5. I agree not fair to the new players they can only get a crappy EB banner that should of had more levels 2 years ago.
  6. I just got my third eb legend. I got the first when the event started (which was around what, 5pm pst?), wasn't paying attention to the second, and now I got mine for today around noon.

    Heck, even if it's noon every day (which now that I think about it, that's very possible) I'm still very grateful.
  7. Explain?

    People have been asking for daily log in rewards for years. These are those.
  8. Also community achievements as well you took them away but people could see stats and kno how active peopke where to hire them!
  9. This makes sense business wise as they are basically making kaw and pimd have the same system. Except kaw ends up being a little easier to deal with as less artwork has to be made at the cost of a slightly better story. Equalize machines means its easier to compare code on the trade, legend, showcase and other mechanics now shared by both games.
  10. You're not wrong! But it's far from just a business decision. If we try something that works and is enjoyed by one community it makes a lot of sense to ask if it would work for the other. It won't in every instance, and some features will still be game specific (equipment and charms for example), but some things just make both games more interesting and we think that mystery boxes that can give you more than one thing and also tell you what's inside them is definitely one of them.
  11. When are you going to enable the trade for boxes again? I figured it is something ATA would be interested in since people who don't spend on nobs can trade them to people who do which will then slightly increase spending... Lol
  12. Aside from these boxes "intended" to be tradeable, what else will be tradeable in your future plans? Nobs? Seals? Circles? Xtals? Crux?

    Imo, the old system of opening boxes was better since every player can assign their schedule when will they open it unlike this new legend-attached free boxes. Clearly it's a profit-grabbing strategy again.
  13. So now even opening boxes is locked behind the legends platform.

    RIP PC Kaw.
  14. Why must you collect rewards at every level to keep the side legends dropping...creates so much busy work, and has already been wasteful of time and money when you consider paying for premium ebs to increase the legend drop rate, then not getting any drops cause you have hit the next reward level and not collected yet. IMO once the legend has been triggered through the legends tab on your mobile device, those items for that legend should drop until you have completed the entire legend, regardless of if you have collected the rewards for each level. And i know what i am suggesting can be done, it happened on the last side legend...pls fix this Charlie.
  15. Ooops i mean ATA Bruce...please fix this problem.

  16. Agreed and support
  17. No bloody crown lb??
  18. bumpidy bump
  19. i agree lol i mainly play pc lol