New Legend... New Mystery Boxes...

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  1. We are showing off our bilingualism neighbour.
    We speak English and American both 
    We are a colourful kind of ppl.
  2. Funny how you can rant about a free app yet still play it daily, hilarious. Noob.
  3. On droid tabs when you tap on the new chest in showcase the app crashes.looks like another new feature released but no checks on how it runs
  4. Transmute on equip not working on this event?
  5. Oh mah god its Silph

  6. Same issue here
  7. Yeah lets have an old kaw server and a current kaw server.

    But why stop there?

    My favourite was when the snow series came out. Let's have a server that locks kaw to that period.

    And another server that just plays out the ice moth event.

    It's all good. Definitely enough active to split the player base.
  8. So you're saying don't open the box during the event for the chance at leader board equipment drops

    If you open the box during the event there is no chance to get leader board equipment

    GOT IT!
  9. Having the same issue with app crashing :/
  10. I am also having this problem
  11. Devs you are complete trash, Dont even have a way to use new implemented garbage you all add
  12. I can't even see the picture of one of the equipment pieces dropped. I now have a invisible foot wear.
  13. New event. Ata Is just regurgitating old crap.
  14. Hey everyone, please note that while Arcane boxes were tradeable for a short period of time, we have decided to make them not tradeable for the remainder of the event. The Trade feature has not been rolled out to the entire community and it would be quite frustrating if only some players were able to trade them.


    What Android OS are you on? We are unable to support anything below 4.0, so while those devices will continue to run KaW for the time being, they will not receive support for new features. If you are on Android 4.0 or higher, please ensure that you have downloaded the latest update from the Google Play Store.

    The equipment will become transmutable next week. Sorry for not mentioning that!

    Sass? I think so, but I'm going to explain it again anyway to avoid confusion. The drop rates of rare items do not change when the event ends. However, after the event has ended instead of receiving a random number of event collection items you will receive 1 Xtal.

    Will take a look at this. Thanks.
  15. @ata im at the news android os version and my kaw crashes too, from what ive heard, every single android user has the same issue
  16. I'm an android user and I haven't crashed from any new feature lately. I'm on 5.1.1

  17. Have you tried opening the event boxes?
  18. I don't think so? I'm on 7.1.2, S8+ and nothing crashes when I open the boxes.
  19. Yep, and I've gotten some super great drops.
  20. Hopefully this doesn't turn into pimd, I will not hesitate on the uninstall button.