New Legend... New Mystery Boxes...

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  1. A New Legend: The Raven and the Rook

    You have broken the curse placed upon Field Marshal Holmfast by the Witchqueen, and the time for retribution is at hand!

    You summon the one known as "the Rook": Thanna Solius, spymaster and head of your royal spy network, Crownseye...

    New Legends await! Tap the Legends button to begin.

    Note: If you do not see any Legends, you may need to restart the app. And keep an eye out for new Legends that may appear throughout the week and as you progress!

    New Mystery Boxes Have Arrived!

    Tap on a Mystery Box in your Showcase (applies to most Event Mystery Boxes released from this point onwards) to see a detailed list of what that box might contain!

    The rarity of each item is indicated by its background colour. Note that some boxes guarantee at least some items of a particular rarity with a chance at getting more and/or higher rarity items.

    Some boxes can be opened with Gold and others can be opened with Keys.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Opening new event boxes is now done on the Box detail page. If you purchase a Key from the Marketplace, it will NO LONGER AUTOMATICALLY OPEN A BOX. You must navigate to the Box detail page from your Showcase and select "Open."

    No More Daily Free Key? WTF ATA!?

    In past events, there was one event box that you could open in two ways: Buy a Gold Key with Nobility or buy a Regular Key with Gold (with a limit on the number of times you could do this per day).

    Future events will mix this up a bit (I know you guys love change). Now there are two types of Boxes: One you get as a random drop from Epic Battles that can only be opened with an Arcane Raven's Key and one you get every day by completing your FIRST Epic Battle that can be opened with Gold, no key required (this is distributed via a daily Legend, so make sure to pick that up first).

    This is essentially the same as the previous system with a couple of advantages for you guys. First, you don't have to pay attention to when you last purchased the Regular Key to maximize your opens. Secondly, you get your free box from your first EB completion so it's really easy to hop in and grab them.

    Opening a Box After an Event Ends

    In the new system, boxes can be opened with Gold or Keys (if you have any leftover) after an event ends. Please note the following:

    - Boxes that can be opened with Gold can give event/leaderboard collection items. If you open these after an event ends, the items will NOT contribute to your progress! OPEN THESE BEFORE THE EVENT ENDS!

    - Boxes that can be opened with premium Keys will NOT give event/leaderboard collection items after an event ends. Instead, all of the collection items will be replaced with a Health Crystal drop. This means that if you want to open a box from a previous event to get a chance at an older equip or rare item, you won't be wasting your Nobility because you will at least get 1 Xtal for your 10 Nobility.

    Hopefully that covers the basics. If you have any questions let us know in this thread! Happy KaWing!
  2. K seen this coming when will I be getting the trading update?
  3. Yup, but it's slowly being rolled out across the App Stores. Appreciate your patience bud.
  4. I'm betting circles will be the normal drop.After the last PainWeaver eb it's gold needs to be improved.
  5. This is great an all but any update to the backlash of the trading update? 
  6. When you click the chest to open it it crashes the game just so you know.
  7. So are lamps just removed and the nobility spent and gone
  8. This.
    Plus when are we able to enchant our new leg equip? Maybe you guys should let the last event end properly instead of pushing the next one out within 5 hours? But I guess you couldn't wait for netherking to return again..
  9. Ok ATA you need to do something about all the pointless legends messages it's literally spam. But besides that the new requirements for the legends are impossible to meet.....mine is to complete one Ecip what is an epic battle? And how do I "complete it"
  10. I like where this is headed ... will take me a few days to get used to it but I really like it!
  11. To hell with your mystery box, gimmie my free boat!
  12. made a post to try and clear things up: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=184331

  13. Monday September 25
  14. So kaw has progressed to koob (kingdoms of opening boxes) now . I see your effort in trying to progress with kaw , but I do believe it's done as a leadership role and not a community role . The problem with the trading is the nerf on bfa , someone with nothing to lose has nothing to gain . The kaw I first started playing was all about the players , you either sunk or swam . But the reason it was so popular was the players ran the game . From pwar to system war to osw it was completely ran by the players . No ebs no events no equipment or mith . The most active and astute players
    Found their way to the top of the tree . Clan loyalty was important , strategy in wars was enthralling at times .
    The point I'm making is kaw in it's hey day was very low maintenance from a developers prospective . The people made the game fun , the risk of losing everything made you keep your phone close always . The path kaw 2017 is taking is irreversible , BUT if enough people were interested would ata consider releasing an old version of kaw for those of us who have frankly had enough of the path we're being forced to tread . Just a thought but maybe just maybe a good one. Keep this kaw app as is and release an older version of kaw app if there's enough interest or inevitably us old timers will just slip away , and those that started after the pw era had ended will not get the chance to witness first hand what made this game .
  15. Great job Bruce keep this events going. Great job on your update about those transmute equipments trading. 
  16. Woohoo 75 eb event drops...
    Party on the town tonight.
  17. I just realized this as well, you're a Canadian Company, but you spelt armour wrong, for shame.