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  1. Support. Martyn would be ranked highly. His goal was hitting 30k quests before he retired years ago.
  2. 30,001 :lol:
  3. @Satan, I think you mean "KaW Statistics," and it should be a post published quarterly. In honor of Baseball, of course. Also, no real very relevant statistics should be given. In honor of Baseball, of course.

    Did I mention Baseball statistics?
  4. Could be a good thread series if everyone that would rank high was willing to give info :p
  5. Meh there's so many other things I'd want. In game calculator, in game chat rooms. Ebs that hit back, updated hte, daily events, whether it be pvp, pve, anything to get you to do a task for a reward. This game has so much potential even at its 7 year mark. The devs are brilliant which worries me that nothing is really happening, they are more than capable of making big improvements, but I believe they are just riding it out as long as they can before it is not cost efficient to run the game.
  6. Agreed, there is so much more untapped potential to this game.
  7. Towards radical expansions, I think the think to remember is maintaining the complexity budget of the game can be tricky.

    Additionally, players joined to play KaW as the current iteration. If it changes in any significant way to be more like modern apps, that's essentially not living up to the promise of what they were told when they first started. In other words (summary), a massive amount of the playerbase could quit.

    Developers never know what the players will do, so often big changes are tried in new launches, other titles, or less successful games where the risk is not as great. Of course, this is even if they are willing to risk it. Up to now, a lot of the bigger changes have been in reaction, which is more than fine. However, this means that you shouldn't expect initiative unless it solves a current game design issue.
  8. The community manager could put it out, maybe as a good will gesture? Might be too much to ask out of his schedule.
  9. Just imagine what place I'd be if I was actually active!
  10. iirc (which I very well may not), I once saw someone with over 100k quests. Maybe it was a different game. But leaps and bounds beyond 20k.
  11. @Toast I'm more inclined to agree with your number. I'm pretty sure I knew OSFs with over 100k quests completed in the pwar era
  12. Probably that guy that grinded quests enough to farm nobs so he could buy the chaos pack with only quest nobs :lol:
  13. Saw someone a month or so back in forums with 60k+ quests done
  14. Full Support!

  15. idk why but some reason i think this is what i was thinking of for pc. I think i had the two mixed up.
  16. I've seen people with over 50k quests completed before! And also, support but it wouldn't happen because lb players would be complaining if their rank on the quest lb effected their rank on the overall lb. Takuni would have vollied himself up to 900t for nothing lel
  17. Support i think quest leaderboard would be fun. Should be simple enough to implement.
  18. Add in a LB for amount of RL money spent and the LB would be amusing to look at again.

    I know some of the LB have worked diligently to get where they are but others feed their kids ramen noodles while feeding ATA Benjamins by the buckets.
  19. This idea belongs in a garbage can