New lands

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  1. Are there any plans for new lands? Or is there already? Kinda curious.
  2. Your a long way from thinking about new lands 
  3. Nothing has been announced by the Devs so who knows. A few rumours have been going around but nothing more than rumours so far. People always speculate around black Friday and it snowballs from there in my experience.
  4. Adding lands only prolongs the game
  5. Why not remove redundant land like HL and LL?
  6. Yoinks
  7. They do. It’s called open 25 lands on start and 100% plunder spell for 7 days. And don’t forget opening a free box puts you over 100 so you get 1.2t in the first hour you play. If your not HL clear by hour 8 of in game play your doing it wrong.
  8. Exactly, the logistics of removing the first 2 lands would be insane. How are new players going to be able to afford any land with hf being their first lands. Plunder would have to be rebalanced on lower Ebs, or price reduction on lands. I don’t think removing lands is a good idea.
  9. Would make more sense to take higher tier buildings and place them on lower lands?
  10. Don't need them yet
  11. LL and HL give a new player the opportunity to figure out buildings before it starts costing a lot. Although, I’m not sure how many new players are actually starting these days.
  12. Yes we do. We need new building stats to restore balance to the game. There are too many people playing who have 1T or more in charms bought off the black market and have become virtually invinsible.

    I’m pretty high on ally lb and heavily towered, and there are plenty of accounts in this game with little to no bfa that can slice right through me.

    OSW players know that it’s buy charms or quit.

    Devs need to clean up this charm mess by introducing new lands or levels to devalue charms.
  13. 100%

  14. No new land at all lmfao
  15. New lands yay :)
  16. Preach
  17. ALB#1 can't touch the aforementioned players bro. Kinda crazy.
  18. But heres the thing bubba, you can release new lands or new building tiers or what have you....but those players will bc as well. Now lets take into account that as bc stands those players have the total strength of anywhere from 4 to 10 bc accts just in charm unless new buildings or lands are a MASSIVE jump i dont see it being anything but a partial, albeit ineffective fix.
  19. Lb bfa should still rule KaW. I think we need a hard cap limit to the amount of power charms are actually allowed to give a player. So you can have all the charms you want but they will only give you X amount max. This way the natural order and balance of the game is restored. Players who spend at the oracle should retain the power in this game, not those who spend on the black market.
  20. Spending at the oracle should never rule this game