New Lands?

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  1. I would probably say new lands would come out on next year.

    I honestly no longer see the incentive to be build complete anymore. Participate in events, and you get silver bars, some charms and the like of crestplates to build even more stuff. And the process repeats on and on. For the first time ever, I ask myself this question as to why would I even want to go BC for?

    With no long-term pleasure and benefits on my sights, or at least my opinion of being build complete, I can slowly tell that if I continue going to be the strongest build, I may be as well running a path to being blind as to why I play this game for.

    Sure, everyone else, including me can get stripped but I now find it better to stay in the smaller league for some unknown reason I couldn't tell. You build up less, you risk losing less too! At least, for now.
  2. Couldn’t agree more. I ask myself why do I stick around after all these years? Because of the game and the community? Perhaps, or maybe when they finally do begin to shut this game down the tears on all the massive charm seeking, build complete, top 50 ally lb Pay to Play accounts will be epic. Am I evil... or just curious?
  3. Interesting Vamp buddy. You probably right. Much easier for them to extend those levels then introduce new lands. All depends how much they decide the whole thing will cost. Having said that there really is no other way of combating charms advantage. Investing in allies simply doesn’t compete w huge levels of charms. Don’t get me wrong kudos to those who have secured thousands of them. Make stripping almost redundant. So only much more powerful kingdoms could even try to compete. As always we will see
  4. That would be cool. Hopefully they’ll release them in the next 5 minutes.
  5. This game is already pretty set in it's LB. Lands won't change anything. If anything it's time for KaW 2.0 and everyone start from scratch together for another exciting 9 years. And only on iOS/Android. Drop PC .
  6. I'll second that! Put it in motion devs, I wanna watch the heads roll :lol:
  7. 100%.
  8. On a side note. What theme would the next lands follow?

    Hoarfrost is all frosty.
    Abyss is all watery.
    Osmon Rai is all sky-ish.
    Deepmines is all undergroundy mine-ish.
  9. Fiery ? Volcano-y ,apparently fire’s the element missing
  10. I say no new lands give people time to use plates and try to catch up only time devs do stuff is wen the lb accs complain ther bored ive been playn for over 6yrs with all the events n premium ebs when the new lands come out the lcbc lb accs will max all the lands then they will be back to being bored i also spent tons to keep afloat rl or not at least give it 6 more months but im one veteran player out of many who may not want or care for new lands if u not even remotely close to opening 15 minelands to even keep up. Btw pointless wen u do have 100-200 bil charmed accs cs is just a number now.TY
  11. Thats why i have one small acc and one big acc it be so hard to bc both when u gotta keep so much gold out bein smaller is less of a risk n lost i totally agree ther either way no need let people catch **** i even know players who three times bigger then me and they not even a yr in kaw imagine all the hard work some others put in just for new lands to come out push most kaw world back this game became a pay to grow now pointless for me bc jus sayn
  12. Then everything changed when the fire nation attacked.

    We avatar now. I'm hyped.
  13. How about newer stronger epics. Not just bcs bored with the same stuff for over 2 years now
  14. I hope they will at least add more ebs to “The Wrath of Sveruganti” series before the next set of lands become available.