New Lands?

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  1. So kaWmunity. What say you? About due? No where near? Next year? Not at all? Discuss
  2. Not for another year
  3. Adonis my boiiii...i say that the bc are bored..and not spending money but i have 3 parts to answer this (1) charms are killing kaw..(2) seeing how most bc ppl are stock piling gold they will help the allie mrk which is dead because of charms..(3) i feel because of the derpmine tokens are out new lands is right around the corner so bc ppl will start spending again..anyway thats my thoughts..whats yours..
  4. Ready for new lands
  5. My broooooother. Couldn’t agree more
  6. Bring them on.

  7. On this i think less than 500 person are lcbc in all kaw this is too early
  8. Black Friday is coming ....the yearly rants where people cry as people solo ebs and trains and ridiculousness ...allies volleyed to 1 gazillion...all kinds of stupidity ...and then each and every one of those people slowly realize what a waste of money this app has been
  9. Personally I feel like it’s too soon. 6 months at least. Given the release of deepmine tokens they should give the kawmunity time to close the gap up top cuz yeah I also believe no more than 500 people are LcBC. Release too soon and people will get discouraged. Give them time to get with in 2 or 3 lands and less people will lose their minds. I have already decided that I’m gonna deepmine clear and then put my kaw shoes up. New lands or not I’m only buying the last 10 I have in DM then I’m just gonna run allies. With charms out now and no real fix in sight, I’m simply still playing because I could have bought a brand new 7 series with the amount of cash I’ve dumped in to this app in 8 years. I’ll hang out till the servers get shut down. But “playing” kaw is a thing of the past it’s just unload and leave, and the occasional conversation in cc.
  10. Im really hoping new lands will not come out before the beginning of next year at the earliest, to give more people a chance to get alittle more built in deepmines now that crestplates are out for it, btw ty kaw!! :)

    I came to terms when deepmines came out I will never be LCBC again and Im ok with that however, it is discouraging thinking when you have so much yet to build and new lands could be put out anytime, knowing to top deepmine they will more than likely raise cost or leave the same as deepmines at the very least.
  11. I think we will see deepmines lvl11-20 before new lands and myself I hope we see them sooner than later. Would be nice to be able to use these new tokens they gave us.
  12. Lol, well imo lvls 11-20 would be preferable over new lands (I didnt realize, or think about, deepmine only went to 10. Im only upto lvl 5 I think atm), but Id still prefer alittle more time for others to catch up a bit yet!
  13. I think you are crying about its too early, just need to get on our levels. You either run with the big dogs or stay on the porch, simple. We put work in and you all want everything for free. Im a newer bc build, but I know people thats been bc since November of last year. Its time for new lands.
  14. With deepmine tokens being introduced it’ll be sooner rather then later.
  15. Who cares about new lands. Won’t make a difference to anything.

    The strongest accounts have absolutely nothing to do with stats or lands.

    This game has got almost nothing to do with gold, bfa or buildings anymore.

    The biggest contributor are charms. Who df cares if you’re bc. It won’t make a difference if you’re up against someone with 100b in charms.

    So I say to ATA; release whatever new lands and buildings you want. It won’t excite the game in any way or improve anything.
  16. I suggest adding level 11 to 20 in lowlands
  17. How about lv5-10 first?
  18. That building upgrade 10+ more levels for lowland all building types