New Lands; Vote Yes or No

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  1. Its a no from me. Cuz i have still much more work to do before Im BC !
  2. No, still too early
  3. No
    Not right now but maybe later in the future we have enough lands and don't have to attack and conquer more lands to feed our ever growing empires
  4. No till hit ranges are fixed
  5. No, let people have time to grow. If anything create new buildings on LL to promote more growth. You don't need to add new lands so soon.

    If worried adding new LL buildings will affect EE do HF lands. Or even Abyss. We DO NOT need new lands yet.
  6.  [Spoke by King-of-terror]This is why threads get derailed by people like Roni.
    I vote No, devs need to create different ideas on what Buildings are suppose to be. It's been 7 years. Quit being lazy. NEW LANDS SOLVES NOTHING.[/spoke by king-of-terror]
    K.O.T stop being a little Lapdog for LadyAsh speaking things for her that shes too scared to say . . She has a voice of her own . I have never had a problem with you.But if you want to make one just carry on. And i really dont see what all the big fuss is over new lands. its like going from a baby to a adult. You go Nursery , infant school, junior school, secondary school, collage and univercity.All the time you are improving yourself ,learning and getting stronger. New players on kaw get a great head start now.And nothing comes easy in life And really cant join everything and be given the keys to own the penthouse suite.You have to work your way up. And with the silver bars for free things are much easyier than they have ever been to grow quickly and ascend upwards through kaw. it doesnt effect me knowing there is much bigger players out of my stat range which i will never be in the same league as. i just enjoy the level i am at at the moment and will gradually get more stats as time progresses.I dont think like i have to quit because never going to be building complete. There is so much other things to do on kaw apart from chasing bc level. Just enjoy the here and now rather than exhausting yourself chasing a pipedream. So sorry but my vote is yes for more buildings .
  7. No

    I believe that there is currently already a big gap between BC and Non BC and with so many getting tired of the consistent events they hold on the the will to bc With new lands it will push that desire to bc out and kill off the rest that are only hanging on by a thread.

    To soon Devs no lands or builds yet
  8. Roni, noted your vote.

    Roni and king of terror; I personally request further remarks off topic to be posted on your respective walls or on another forum post relevant to this on going banter-fight.

    As much as I find it entertaining, I want to keep this thread clean. I can not ask y'all to leave and Roni only responded to a slide against her/him after terror used to Roni as an example to something Eagle said.

    That and I can't tell y'all how to post via TOU, I do wish to ask in a civil manner to leave remarks as they are or continue them elsewhere.

    Edit: Now, Roni, if you wish to argue with anyone about the topic, please feel free, same with terror. All topic related debates and arguments are welcome as long as they don't turn into all out banter.
  9. I would prefer devs to add to lvls of existing builds rather than new lands
  10. I vote yes. Holding of building progress will create bigger issue later. All bc players are now doing one of two things. Gorging on allies and therefore becoming more powerful through their massive bfa or stash wealth in silver bars.
    For all of you that worry about increased gap, it is happening every day regardless of the stat changes. While you scrunch gold coins to up that building, BC player makes gold hand over fist.
    To stop land and build progression means killing interest in game for many spenders. Those players keep ata in business and are very important in keeping this game alive. There are some of you that like social aspect of the game, others like skill of estoc warring, that now does not require bc status to be a force. Group that actually keep this game alive and serviceable are rat racers. Spenders. They need their fix, so new land and buildings must happen for them, so we all can continue to play.
  11. Lvl 4 for Lowlands and Castle will get my vote