New Lands; Vote Yes or No

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  1. No..... needs to wait till later this year towards end
  2. They did not release a date. Only said when it was happening. I may be against new lands completely, though I feel I must be biased here.

    My educated guess is they will be released between September to November. Or the start of Summer at the earliest. Depending on if the war tokens are well received.
  3. Not yet. But if they do. Then make the buildings something totally different rather than just adding stats, redirect the goals of those more build complete
  4. No thnakyou :(

    Not unless the Devs want to make a different server bigs in one place and the smalls in a another so i don't have to look at the massive stat gap... Don't see that happening
  5. But I don't wanna leave my smaller friends behindī‘I want to keep playing with same people I played for years!
  6. No. god no. Increase plunder for 6 months. Then maybe.

    But no.
  7. Yes.

    You need to give the big spenders reason to carry on pumping money into this game so it remains in existence.

    Pretty obvious really.
  8. Different topic but similar.

    I oppose new lands till next year at least.


    Instead of new lands, why not new buildings!!

    I'm looking at spy atk heavy building and spy def heavy buildings

    Just like we have atk/def heavy buildings and balanced buildings for troops

    Atk heavy: forges
    Balanced: CoEs
    def heavy: Titan lair

    We should get the same options for our spy power.

    The stats might look weird at first, people with OCD might be upset, but I feel that this is a good change/update that could bring new strategy, builds, and a little more life in kaw
  9. I am as much against new buildings as I am with new lands. It results in the same detriment of play. Widening the gap, inflating the ally market, and devaluing off system pvp and OSW by forcing smaller hit ranges and devaluing strips. It will also effect more issues in EE with roster building.

    I would vote for clan buildings over player ones. At least one can be a team building effort that would support clan loyalty and add a new aspect to the game. Both with eb only players and OSW and EE clans.
  11. I'm a kaw addict. I'll take my fix how it gear or old ill.still be here.
  12. My vote is NO. Too early for most kaw players. And I want most players able to hit other players - new lands will make the gap between players size even larger.

    Hope devs will focus on clans (making lojalty more important - bring back "admins") and the war aspect of the game (bring back reset bombs and other improvements to make OSW/ee/pvp the core of the game)