New Lands; Vote Yes or No

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  1. Hoarforst was a mistake, abyss was a mistake, osman rai was a mistake. No new lands.
  2. No, the state gap between new players and players with 6+ years played is insane and already big enough. I understand that devs have to make money but there are enough lands already. 90% of people are nowhere near BC. The thing that I enjoyed about KaW when I started playing on my original account around the time Majesty was #1 on the LB was because the gap wasn't big and it allowed players to catch up to each other just by playing the game. Now unless you're willing to shell out hundreds of dollars per week you'll never reach BC. I personally just want to move onto their new game and start fresh on the same grounds as everyone else.
  3. No

    New lands are not needed.
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  5. Plus no to lands or new buildings 
  6. Working on a thread suggesting new ways to do new lands and different buildings to add to kaw.
    This way the Land complete will have additional content to chase that doesn't directly overpower them even more but gives everyone new build options ( that will be needed to be built and some dropped later ) to advance other in game features.
    Yes the land complete will get the benefits first. But it won't be such a huge gap for everyone else.
    Hopefully have it posted next couple of days
  7. Vote for no. But it doesn't matter because they bring them whether people want them or not.
  9. I vote Yes. Either I m far from bc.
    It s part of the game.