New Lands; Vote Yes or No

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  1. No way. It's hard enough for people to BC on 3 lands, let alone 6.
  2. 3 months time and then 25 lands with buildings to lvl 5 only! Then 3 months later to lvl 10 three months later to lvl 20 otherwise the gulf in stats is too great
  3. After about 500 BCs, Yes
  4. i think to stop all the arguements for and against. it'd make more sense just to do 2 more lands.One for the smaller size stats similer to highlands.And for the big stats to do one more land for them .
  5. NO to adding more lands.

    Yes to being able to adding 10 more levels to LL, HL, HF and Abyss, as well as more levels to upgrade our little old Castles.

    Since Osmon was given 10 more ridiculous levels that boosted stats to a ridiculous level, there's no reason for the devs to hold back on adding 10 more levels to the rest of the lands.

    But for adding additional lands to open,,

    Definitely NO!
  6. If the buildings are cheaper and land is cheaper then most recent land addition. If not no
  7. No...Or I'll never be bc
  8. No

    Adding more lands will only make things worse bc players will be bc again after one month max
  9. I'm same as nighthawk .... yes if only towers