New Lands; Vote Yes or No

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  1. You should count all these votes and update your thread with the result. Show the devs ;)
  2. Thats really tedious. Trust me. I know lol.
  3. Last update was on page 20. Will update later today.
  4. I want new lands when I'm LC. Need 8 more so y'all gonna have to wait ๎„…๎’๎’
  5. There would have to some sort of balancing act so newbies don't look through the lands list and quit
  6. No......this will cause many players to quit and will pretty well be the last nail in the coffin for this game
  7. As a mod I know I am here to represent the community and I have voiced many times that the overall community doesn't want new lands or buildings due to the ever increasing gap. At the same time I understand the arguments that those who are already BC want more to do in the game than hire allies. It's a difficult situation to be in because on one hand you have the majority of the community wanting one thing and on the other you have the financial majority wanting another. We all know the largest players are the financial backbone of this community so there's no point disputing it.

    My vote is no I don't want new lands however I understand why they are being added. This won't really affect many people in the community who are small already unless they're large ally traders (more plunder = more expensive allies)

    Unless the devs can introduce new gold sinks to the game then new lands and new buildings are a necessary evil. I personally would love to see these new lands and buildings have little to no increase n plunder which will mean that the cons of them being added are mitigated and almost nullified.

    Don't hate on me for having an opinion or even agreeing that the devs needed to add the lands because like many of you I don't want them either but I understand why they are necessary as things stand.
  8. I wish petitions like these would work. But the devs will not listen to this plea by the community. The lands will be released so the devs can satisfy the needs of the leaderboard players. Who else do you think suggested the release of new lands to them? Defenitely not the smalls and mids.
  9. This is where the argument comes to play.

    If the new lands are hurting the games base player then they simply are not working. Which means there needs to be a new gold Sink.

    There is no denying that a gold Sink is needed, but lands are a lazy way to do so.