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  1. Of course that would be what a huge Hansel would say. Spy quests r another topic and nothing against it btw.

    Can u add any input to my proposal for a 3rd building proposal? Thx
  2. Nah rubbish idea. If i wanna ceystal out of pin to pin someone im not gonna wanna spend gold or other stuff to be able to repair buildings too. If i recall correctly it is mostly the fairies that need a good sink. Stripping allies is enough of a gold sink for me. So yeh. Maybe find an idea for them cause osw/pvp'ers dont need this.
  3. If repairs r to towers what does it matter to u?
    U look at it in only 1 way.
  4. Don't get me wrong. I don't think it's a bad idea. Far from it. But it is "aggressive". And this is not bad neither. But it's contrary to ATA's new "approach". Can I take the new ToU as "Farming is okay but don't farm too much"? I think I can. Or other put "Farming it's okay but but don't be too aggressive". That's why I don't think that ATA will implement such an aggressive idea.
  5. I hearya and if thats the case then its easily mitigated making it for PvP and EE only.
    Consider the new buildings as for in game conflicts. OSW is not what i consider in game but is a play style that is tolerated.
  6. Took me a while to fully understand how you meant it, but my only question is lets say you have a tower that provides 1m static spy defense. If someone used ballistas to bring said tower to 50%, would it then only provide 500k static spy defense? If that's how you meant it i think it would be an awesome idea and provide a great incentive to non-rb gameplay. Suddenly someone's 300m spy defense doesn't look as scary.
    A few problems here an there with it, but basically since towers don't have troops they would have a 30m regen to 100% in defense? And how would shields work? If someone had equivalent shields as someone's ballistas would it really achieve any change?
  7. 30mins if max damage set at 50%
    - can be set to 75% for 15min full regen

    Countermeasures can be discussed as it was another posters idea.
  8. Front page addition......

    New lands /buildings for war only.....

    Be creative without disrupting the normal game play. I'm BC along with many others who if they are here for events and eb's as a mainstay may not agree with this idea.

    My suggestion for war only buildings can add a 3rd dimension as in 2 new buildings that can damage towers to a maximum of say either of 50% 60% or 70%. Taking it a step further building upgrades are kept in line with build sizes.

    EG: level 1-5 is unlocked when in Highlands
    ------level 6-10 unlocked when in Hoarfrost
    ------level 11-15 unlocked when in Abyss lands
    ------level 16-20 unlocked for Osman lands

    Furthermore a new and unique building is also created along the lines of the castle. This is upgradeable for each new level for upgrading the new war buildings.

    Moving on to who or why players would use these tower busters. Those in OSW PvP or EE or other war events can only use these and not available for use against EB's nor Quests. Those players who play for EB's
  9. Awesome idea I'm all for war buildings and concepts of use that follow them. Tower busters would really make things extremely interesting. Dig the idea for the castle to upgrade them as well.

    Great thought on this as I love to war myself, still hoping for a land set for warring only, not only would this be an extra gold sink but could get more people to try to war without effecting their build if they are pve player.

    ~ TG
  10. Whilst i am in PM with other ppl one suggestion is a counter balance is required to offset the non-towered PS builds advantage. Anyone can offer up an idea.

    My 1st idea is make KO of PS pay more in such a way it makes Tanks not the only build whose towers can be damaged.

    Other offsetting ideas r most welcome THX
  11. An additional pair of new building to destroy BALLISTAS can be introduced also.
  12. Front page is updated to include idea additions