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Discussion in 'Questions/Feedback' started by sinha_sahil, Oct 3, 2018.

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  1. When will the new land(after deep mine) come???
  2. Finish deepmine before you ask for new one 
  3. /Thread
  4. <html>
    New Land Thread: Answer</title>


    <p>I have no idea. Maybe it will come out, maybe it won't! But if it does, the Developers will inform us! </p>
  5. Haha, funny sean, I guess you are too much obsessed with the HTML codings.
  6. I guess if they come out more will quit
  7. Nah, they'll say they'll quit and then continue to play kaw for another 5 years
  8. No.
  9. I hope in about 9 years
  10. Not for a long time
  11. I guess more will really quit. It was the case when rai came out and it was when dm came...
  12. Yeah last lands took the piss
  13. Deepmine? This guy ain’t even osmon rai complete lol
  14. Well if new lands do arrive, I guess I take out a second mortgage on my house .

    Happy Charming all 
  15. Bro-tatochip...seriously? New lands? No thank you!

    But here's a on me.
  16. New lands? No thanks. Remove everything above hf.
  17. Complete deep mine first then talk about new lands.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.